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Hardtail kijiji ad advice

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by apox, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. apox

    apox XS650 Addict

  2. XSJoel

    XSJoel XS650 Junkie

    I think you could get a hardtail done by a reputable shop for about the same, but I could be wrong.
  3. apox

    apox XS650 Addict

    Wouldn't know of any around here.. Especially ones that have delt with yamaha xs's
  4. shotgunjoe

    shotgunjoe XS650 Hunter

    Looks pretty darn good. Thats a nice frame jig in the pics. Go check them out, if you see the same shop thats in the pics, I say go for it.
  5. mrkil

    mrkil XS650 Addict

    that is about the going rate right now for hard tails.

    I bought mine from TCB and had it delivered and had my buddy at a fab shop do the install. It may be cheaper to ship your frame half to TC for the install with the way our dollar is right now. Just depends on the shipping cost.

    then again thats assuming you want to do a TC brothers hardtail. Any others you will have to but and ship to you resulting in about a $350 bill plus install which will roughly be $250.00
  6. globalmaa

    globalmaa XS650 Addict

    i know the guy in london and he does class A work. I also know he can make forwards for about 180 measured to your spec. He has built a few XS's so ron know's them well.
  7. globalmaa, I'm not sure how "the guy in London" is relevant to this thread. What's the connection?
  8. cmattina1

    cmattina1 XS650 Addict

    yeah, i find up here (CAN), good shops are hard to find, most people say "you may even be better off finding an old guy who likes old bikes" when ever i ask around about shops. Plus the rates, in thunder bay are 100/hr for "average" work. just lettin them yanks know they have it easy down there relative to here
  9. globalmaa

    globalmaa XS650 Addict

    the kijiji ad was from london and " The guy in London" was the one who placed it and does the work.
  10. cros36

    cros36 thread killer

    london ontario cananda
  11. globalmaa

    globalmaa XS650 Addict

    thank you !!!!
    In the first part of this thread he references an ad on kijiji. I'm simply saying that the " AD " is from London Ontario Canada. I know the person that place the ad and does the hardtailing along with and type of fab work you need done. he is " THE GUY FROM LONDON "
  12. ahhh ok.. thanks guys. I knew I was missing the connection there somewhere. When you go to the kijiji ad it says "The Ad you are looking for is no longer available but we found other ads that may match what you are looking for." That also had me confused.
  13. Can you hook me up with his contact info? I'm in Cambridge and may be interested in a set of forwards. The Kijiji add is gone, so no way to look him up...



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