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Luthor's Build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by SolidLex, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. gingerbanzai

    gingerbanzai XS650 New Member

    Hey Lex,

    Great series about your bike. I'm in the teardown process and I'm sending my crank and cam out to HHB for a rephase while I clean up the rest of the engine and figure out where the problems lie. I was wondering about those coils that HHB steered you towards. Can I use those on a rephased engine and where can I find them.

    Haven't got all caught up to date on your build but looks great so far!
  2. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    I had contacted HHB about those coils. He told me the DC3-2 from Dynatek will work...


    ...for the rephased. You'll need a pair of course. I ended up getting mine from Z1enterprises...


    ...fair price and got them quick in the mail. Pretty easy to install. May I suggest a crimping tool for spark plug wire terminals...


    ...this one made my life so much easier, AND, it has the different jaws for all types of terminals. If you're going to redo your wiring harness I would def. get one of those. :thumbsup:

  3. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    JD! What's going on brother? I ended up holding the coils to the frame with zip ties for the time being. I don't think I'll have any clearance for the coils under the gas tank once I get to that part of the build. And I have to pick up the Virago Cafe Racer from the shop. Guy tells me the timing is all messed up and he doesn't have time to work on it. Shitty.


    RFLIVES Resident Sidecar nut

    What shop do you have that at? hope you don't have to pay them anything. That's ridiculous
  5. gingerbanzai

    gingerbanzai XS650 New Member

    Thanks for the thorough response. I'm new to the forums but I'm very quickly being convinced of the usefulness.

    I have the tool already. I've been upgrading the wiring and charging system since I bought the bike last summer. Fuses were the first and a local mechanic hooked me up with a bunch of newer bullet connectors and his old crimper. Taught myself how to solder and went to town shortening and replacing everything.
  6. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    Banzai... This forum is a fountain of knowledge of tech, DIY, years of experienced riders/mechanics and ideas. Couldn't have done it without research here that's for sure. Good job man. McMaster-Carr has pretty good stuff too. I got all the connectors from them for the temporary wiring harness so I could fire the engine while on the stand. Haven't done that yet though. It's been raining and I need to do it outside.:(

  7. gingerbanzai

    gingerbanzai XS650 New Member

    Yes I'm definitely seeing that. Just reading your build thread and a few smaller topics I've already learned so much more than just reading over the clymer manual.
  8. Lex - great thread, really inspiring to see a guy do such a nice build with minimal space and gear.
    Speaking of which - what was your blasting setup? I'm wanting to blast some of my own parts, but I don't have a 220 circuit, and can't afford a huge compressor. What size were you using? What media? glass only?

    Thanks for the info...
  9. Dorzok

    Dorzok XS650 Enthusiast

  10. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    Hello Terminus. Sorry for the late reply. Here is the setup I used since I didn't have a garage, etc.

    Air Compressor: (I would get something with more capacity to save time)


    Blasting Cabinet: (I would get the one with the legs which is $80 more and attach some wheels to it. Also, remove the film that keeps the glass from getting oil and stuff in it, it'll make you see things better, AND put silicone all over the thing so it doesn't leak).


    Media: (50 lbs was more than enough for me)


    *Make sure you get in an inline filter for the compressor to get rid of all humidity, etc, and a good hose. The length of the hose totally depends on your set up, etc. I drug my cabinet to my balcony when everyone went to work, and kept the air compressor inside the laundry room to minimize noise. Hehehe

  11. Thanks for the rundown on your setup. How often does your compressor kick on, or how much do you have to wait when blasting? Can you get 30 seconds continuous? More?

    I've been eyeballing one of these - http://www.harborfreight.com/pressurized-abrasive-blaster-68994.html, but I'm not sure that it will help too much. I'm only doing small parts anyway.

    BTW, what was your cleanup procedure for making sure all the beads are gone from the part?
  12. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    It would give me about 30 seconds of continuous blasting, but depending on how bad are your parts, I would get something with more capacity. I'd have to wait a few minutes for it to fill up again. If you look at the parts that I cleaned, you can assume that I spent A LOT of time blasting them because of the compressor. DO NOT buy that abrasive media blaster thing. I tried it and it wasted all my media. You'll be spending more money with that. Get the cabinet instead. That's what I ended up doing. The cleaning procedure was washing and washing and washing and washing and washing, and compressed air in every hole, and chasing the threads on the holes, and washing, and washing. I had to put heavy duty tape over some ball bearing parts in the crankcases and cover the oil lines and I still washed them to be sure. Do not use any detergent or put the part inside the dishwasher (guilty), it'll clean some, BUT, it will definitely give the aluminum a different finish. Lots of hot water and compressed air. It's a tedious process but I wanted to be able to say I did it myself.

  13. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    Gentlemen. It is with GREAT sadness, that I announce the engine will be finally going on sale. Unexpected upcoming expenses have forced me to bend my arm and sell it. :-(
  14. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Asking price for the motor?

  15. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict


    Tried sending you a message but your Inbox is full. Send me an e-mail:




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