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My 1980 Cafe/Street Tracker Build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dj_elite, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    This is my second XS650 build. My first was a bobber. I picked this bike up from my friend Peter (Ghetto). Not just any bike, but his late father Petes (Rodguy1938) bike. I picked it up with customizing in mind. Nothing crazy, just a quick build since I cant keep anything stock. Once I started though I couldn't stop. I love cars and motorcycles and there is no doubt that this passion was influenced by Pete. Hanging around his shop for years he taught me a bunch whether he knew it or not. Taking Peter and I to numerous car shows getting bit by the custom car world. So it only made sense to not do a simple build. The idea was to build a quick brat. Just kinda snowballed from there. Heres my 2018 summer. 3 months invested, well in my spare time caring for 3 sons.

    A little bit of info on the build.

    K&N Airpods
    Clip on Handlebars
    Custom Headlight mounts
    Welded on rear hoop with integrated Brake and turn indicators
    Kevlar clutch upgrade with springs
    All new gaskets on anything I touched
    New bearings front and rear wheel
    New head bearings
    Painted frame
    Rebuilt front forks with left caliper mounts chopped off and powder coated
    19" front wheel on rear (Omar)
    Powder coated gold wheels
    New front and rear sprocket
    Electronics moved and custom made aluminum electronic covers
    Custom Paint job (Nissan Skyline Blue)
    Custom front led blinkers
    Custom gauge bracket with custom indicator lights and mount
    Powder coated triple trees
    Polished side covers
    Custom welded exhaust with titanium heat wrap
    Extended kickstand
    Nitrogen rear adjustable suspension
    Cafe seat with custom mounts
    Hand painted Yamaha emblems
    Powder coated headlight bucket
    Custom license plate bracket/mount with lights

    I have since redone the clutch pushrod seal and added the single long pushrod
    Added baffles to exhaust for better backpressure
    Added Billet aluminum mirrors for safety

    2.jpg stock first bought.jpg 20180613_220435.jpg 20180613_234618.jpg 20180613_234627.jpg 20180613_234640.jpg 20180701_115458.jpg 20180701_115508.jpg 20180701_172547.jpg 20180701_172553.jpg 20180701_172618.jpg 20180702_214825.jpg 20180702_215118.jpg 20180702_215125.jpg 20180702_215130.jpg 20180706_163819.jpg 20180706_175000.jpg 20180706_213941.jpg 20180706_213957.jpg 20180706_215109.jpg 20180706_215214.jpg 20180706_225348.jpg 20180707_154354.jpg 20180707_155621.jpg 20180707_163512.jpg 20180707_174130.jpg 20180707_180207.jpg 20180707_193723.jpg 20180709_115255.jpg 20180709_224043.jpg 20180709_230805.jpg 20180711_195724.jpg 20180711_195806.jpg 20180711_212146.jpg 20180718_160445.jpg 20180718_161054.jpg 20180719_154515.jpg 20180720_101502.jpg 20180720_102857.jpg 20180720_142718.jpg 20180720_143354.jpg 20180720_143358.jpg 20180720_145633.jpg 20180720_145847.jpg 20180720_150821.jpg 20180722_133949.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  2. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    20180722_140431.jpg 20180728_120535.jpg 20180728_120544.jpg 20180728_120556.jpg 20180728_154405.jpg 20180728_155418.jpg 20180728_155616.jpg 20180728_165716.jpg 20180728_214916.jpg 20180728_214927.jpg 20180728_214944.jpg 20180729_120259.jpg 20180729_122226.jpg 20180729_130520.jpg 20180729_133423.jpg 20180729_140431.jpg 20180729_140434.jpg 20180729_145433.jpg 20180729_163755.jpg 20180729_175956.jpg 20180825_161552(1).jpg 20180825_171816.jpg 20180825_182706.jpg 20180825_182715.jpg 20180825_183629.jpg 20180825_185435.jpg 20180903_184516.jpg 20180904_142832.jpg 20180905_141347.jpg 20180906_135148.jpg 20180906_142056.jpg 20180906_142654.jpg 20180907_124127.jpg IMG_20180730_212923.jpg IMG_20180730_212939.jpg IMG_20180804_160615.jpg IMG_20180804_160625.jpg IMG_20180804_162529.jpg IMG_20180804_162538.jpg IMG_20180804_162551.jpg IMG_20180804_162556.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  3. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    Photos are in no particular order. I tried organizing them but they're from my phone with completely different file name endings and I gave up trying to organize. I have since decided to add back the centerstand. I added a spacer under the kickstand but since its running a 19" rear wheel it leans quite a bit. Plus the centerstand looks so much cooler parked. Photoshoot soon for some better detailed photos.
  4. Superjet

    Superjet XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    Very nice detailed build. Congrats on a nice bike!
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  5. Ghetto

    Ghetto Bob it!

    Dude. I an still blown away. He kept me in the dark on this build and sent a pic of the wheel done in gold. I had no idea it was going to be a build of this caliber. I am glad that you took the bike and gave it the proper love and time it needed. I remember the day my pops and I fired her up for the first time shooting various debris out the pipes. Cant wait to see it in person. A+ build. IMO the best build/project you have done.
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  6. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    Thanks Pete! Means alot
  7. The Tin Man

    The Tin Man XS650 Addict

    Nice build , How does your wife let you use the oven like that?
    BTW whats the oil filter Mod about ??
  8. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    Thank You! To use the oven in the garage, I surprised my wife with a new oven! Can't say no when you have a new shiny oven! In retrospect the oven was actually too small. I ended up getting a double wall oven off craigslist for free and converting it to a large single oven. I now use the large oven for powder coating and kind of bought my wife a new oven for no reason...oops. As for the filter mod, there is a section of the screen that the oil pump blasts through. I just welded a little plate over that area and JB welded around the seams to bond the mesh. I found the mod on this site, I can't take credit. Heres some photos of my new powder oven.

    20180716_222544.jpg 20180716_222553.jpg 20180716_222602.jpg 20180716_222631.jpg 20180716_222641.jpg
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  9. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    Finally got around to snapping some photos today

    XS650 Cafe-5.jpg XS650 Cafe-6.jpg XS650 Cafe-7.jpg XS650 Cafe-8.jpg XS650 Cafe-9.jpg XS650 Cafe-10.jpg XS650 Cafe-11.jpg XS650 Cafe-12.jpg XS650 Cafe-13.jpg XS650 Cafe-16.jpg XS650 Cafe-23.jpg XS650 Cafe-24.jpg XS650 Cafe-25.jpg XS650 Cafe-29.jpg
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  10. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    lol its actually a 1980
  11. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    Added some billet aluminum mirrors. As clean as it looked without mirrors I just didn't feel safe riding. I also made some lollipop baffles to help with back pressure on deceleration. Now it doesn't gurgle as much and quieted it down some. Went to a cars and coffee meet this weekend to show her off.

    baffles.jpg cars and coffee 1.jpg cars and coffee 2.jpg cars and coffee 3.jpg
  12. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Very nice man! You did a lot of nice work on your bike. I especially like the 19” rear wheel. :thumbsup:
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  13. JesseeS

    JesseeS XS650 Addict

    Whole bike looks wicked! Really digging that projector headlight too
  14. JAX71224

    JAX71224 jax71224

    A question about those rear shocks; how do you like them? I bought a pair from e-bay recently and mine are sprung WAY too stiff for me and I weigh about 240 more or less, usually more. Letting all the air out of the schrader valves helped a little but after a 75 mile ride yesterday , this needs change!
  15. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

    I like them. I weigh 180. They're a little stiff but not too bad. What size did you get? Mine are the 13.5 inch. I believe longer are stiffer
  16. JAX71224

    JAX71224 jax71224

    I got 330mm ,about same length and more miles are loosening them up a little but probably going to change something.......
  17. dj_elite

    dj_elite dj_elite

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