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For Sale - 79 Special II stock seat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Machine, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    This 79 Special II seat is not going back on the Special II that it came with.
    It is in very nice condition!
    No tears, No bends, No dents, No punctures or rust. The hardware is all there as well as the plastic registration lid.
    The vinyl seat cover feels supple and not sun dried, thin or lumpy.
    I value this seat high because seats this nice are just not easily found anymore!
    If you have a nice stock 78/79 Special, this is the seat to compliment it or keep. $150+ shipping

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    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019 at 7:43 PM
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  2. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Junkie

    Wow, this is a great price for a seat in that shape! I'm love to take it, but it's a bit out of my price range....
  3. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    A8CEBA10-C080-4AE0-87DA-E169F4ED785D.jpeg wannabridin , Being a bit partial to y’all Texans, it would be interesting to me to know what your seat budget may be ? EBay XS seats vary in price signifigantly I see :rolleyes:
    I try to fund my XS hobby habit with parts sourcing, selling, or swapping. And I have a current Bike Budget/Project deficit lol :D
    thanks, Randy
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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  4. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Junkie

    Well the seats for my free.99 build, so everything as budget as possible!

    I do have one of Mike's Cafe seats for a standard, so my budget for a replacement seat is whatever I can sell/trade that for!

    But honestly, ive seen seats in similar condition ranging from $150 - $400
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  5. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    Price reduced to $150 plus shipping Sunday evening.
  6. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    Seat on hold for wannabridin,
    Way to Go ! :)
  7. They are the most aesthetic Special seats.

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