bobber with sidecar

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by danxs650mass, May 14, 2010.

  1. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    took this for my frist ride with the side car:D

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  2. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    i still cant figure out how to load more than one pic at a time

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  3. newell

    newell 79 Special...

    that is sweet... what kind of side car is that??
  4. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    i picked it up off craigslist here in mass ive been told it is a california sidecar i have more pics in my albums on the pictures here
  5. Furious D

    Furious D XS650 Addict

    Great looking rig. How does it handle?

    I am going to build a sidecar for my next project. Does the XS have enough power to pull around the extra weight? This would be a setup to use locally, Take the kids to school, Grocery store and such. It doesnt need to be a great touring rig, I have other bikes for long hauls.
  6. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    ya it seems to have plenty of power for around town i havent tr1ed the highway but i never took it on the highway with out the sidecar lots of fun thats for sure
  7. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru

    If it seems a bit doggy you can put a larger rear sprocket on. A 35 or 36 tooth. I don't think you will need to.
  8. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    no it has enuff power it wont pull down a house but it goes good

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