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Build Your Own Springer Forks

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BigJimmyW13, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Might be of interest to some people here. John Brain's How to on building springer forks.


    I know he's building them for bicycles, but really there wouldn't be that much of a change for motorcycles.
  2. gordonscott

    gordonscott XS650exhaust.com

    Ok Jimmy, you first and if you live the rest of us shall give it a go :laugh:
  3. Lol oh come on Gordon. I'm not talking about using this verbatim. I'm talking about using it as a guide. If I ended up doing it though I would be doing it with a 2 under in mind. So it's not like there would be much stress if I did...
  4. gordonscott

    gordonscott XS650exhaust.com

    :laugh: I know you were not talking "verbatim" I was just having fun with ya :wink2:
  5. I know you were, but it occurred to me that some people may not....
  6. Good example of how to use safety goggles as well!
  7. Are they like beer goggles? I like to use those......
  8. When I was about 13 dad and I (dad mostly) built a mini bike out of mild steel tube, buddy banged a wall with it, forks smoothly bent back with a nice radius bend till the front wheel contacted the engine. The engine went back on the roto tiller.
  9. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    Gary, it wasn't the engine's fault... :) Poor thing demoted back to work and no more fun becuase your buddy hit a wall. :laugh:
  10. No clutch, no brakes. throttle was a slide lever between my knees what could go wrong? Wonder if the old man was trying to get rid of me? Later he said I couldn't get a car but a motorcycle was OK.
    Thinking might have been along the lines of: OK if he kills himself but I don't want a pregnant girl showing up at my door......
  11. Travis

    Travis Staff Member Staff Member

    ^ :laugh: Sounds like fun!
  12. duh!...they are OBVIOUSLY used to protect your forehead!

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