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Dead left cylinder

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 74xsBobber, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. 74xsBobber

    74xsBobber XS650 Member


    Recently got back into the xs650 scene after picking up a clean 1983 heritage special that was stored for a good periods of time... after getting it running I noticed the left cylinder is cold (exhaust). I've check spark and it's all good,compression is also good and new plugs. Cylinder stays cold at every rpm range...even when held at 4k. The right carbs is wet from gas when I check the inside with my finger but left is bone dry...so I'm thinking it's a fuel issues but figured I'd see if anyone has any advice. I should point out that if I spark gas in the left cylinder while bike is running it backfires thru the exhaust.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. fredintoon

    fredintoon Fred Hill, S'toon. Top Contributor

    Hi Bobber,
    as it's a post 1980 bike if one plug sparks, so will t'other so it's gotta be the carb is bunged up.
    Check if it's still got the EPA-mandated anti-tamper plugs over the slow running needles.
    If so, all the little passages downstream of the needle have NEVER been cleaned so rip those plugs outta there.
    That done, it's carb teardown and blowthrough time.

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