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JBM diaphrams and boots

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by inxs, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. inxs

    inxs xx

    - well ive been pretty busy lately...between bank bailouts, birthdays and bikes there hasnt been much time...still, i recieved a package earlier this month in the mail that nicely coincided with my birthday-boots and membranes for a pair of BS38s...perfect timing...they came with instructions and plenty of pics as found on the JBM website http://jbmindustries.com/ ... i was a bit strapped for time so had to look longingly at them for a while, however, i mounted the boots last weekend-my replacement set of mikesxs ones had gone the way of their predecessors, both sets within a matter of months...i have channelled some choice words and sentiments in both german and maori their way, unfortunately it didnt make me feel any better, i also had a bad feeling about the BS34 boots i installed on my project bike that havent seen any fuel through them yet-the carbs were cleaned and rekitted last august and installed with new boots from mikesxs, so pulled them off to check-deeply cracked and never used-:wtf:...after my experiences with this supplier i seriously considered getting a 2 wheeled tractor-but only for a second or two

    - naya...i considered fitting the metal covers but took the recommendation to use hose clips-s/s

    - the carbs slipped nicely into the boots , locking into place-rock solid, and fitted the KnN's...these are unsupported...JBM claim success with these boots, used unsupported in aircraft installation-so i figure if pilots are prepared to put their lives on the line, and i am sure my XS isnt going to be dropping out of the clouds, i am prepared to risk a little gravel rash

    - these look good and feel good...time now to put some time in and see what happens

    - the membranes at the moment remain sitting in their packaging as my original ones are still good

    - happy riding :bike:
  2. I have had mine on for some weeks now and plan to put some miles on, other issues notwithstanding. JBM was great to deal with, and now I have a source for (BS-38) diaphragms if I need them.
  3. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    What a great resorurce. I bought a silde and diaphram from XSMikes for $62.00 when all I needed was the diaphram. Could have got both diaphrams for the same price.
  4. Classic

    Classic rackin' up the miles

    I have made a thread right along these lines. My JBMs have several thousand on them now and still look like the day I put them on.
  5. They're sold out of almost all of them, thank god I have a '73! Awesome!

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