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modified wiring diagram

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 79josh81, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    So I’m in the middle of a bobber build and have gotten to the wiring stage. I have a 1979 xs650 with a stock charging system, stock points, and plan on using the stock left and right handle bar controls as well as my electric start. Here’s the wiring/component deletes I plan on doing:

    No front or rear turn signals
    Pilot box/indicator lights removed
    Flasher relay removed
    Flasher cancelling unit removed
    Light checker removed and jumpered
    Reserve lighting unit removed and jumpered
    Combined reg/rec upgrade
    Horn removed

    Here is the stock wiring diagram:


    Here is my modified one:

    I know some of you guys could wire up an xs650 in your sleep but I’m not there yet. If any of you guys could take a look at this and tell me if things look good I’d appreciate it. I’ve studied and studied but a second opinion is always better. Thanks in advance.
  2. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    No one yet? I assumed someone would have replied by now at least to tell me I should keep my turn signals and horn. Lol
  3. jussumguy

    jussumguy XS650 Addict

    Know the feeling
  4. I make simple wire harness kits . So if you want to not pull your hair out my kits start at $45.00 (wires only) for choppers bobbers café and stock builds.
    You get wires for HEADLIGHT TAIL LIGHT FRONT&REAR BRAKE SWITCHES COIL AND IGNITION HORN IF YOU NEED IT and you can upgrade for turn signals too. The only thing you need to keep from your harness is the charging wires or just buy a TC Brother kit and you are upgraded to 16mm wires and all new parts. For $85.00 you get switches and fuse block that mount under seat. For $125.00 you get a complete setup with a small box to mount under seat with all the switches and a key switch. I MAKE LIFE EASY and go RIDE.
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  5. 79josh81

    79josh81 XS650 Addict

    I ended up getting rid of the safety relay and upgraded to a PMA. I wanted to keep the safety relay but after going through 3 of them and none of them working correctly I said f-it. I wish I knew you did that before I spent a few days modifying the original harness for my current set-up. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the next build I do though.

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