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Who's in Central US?

Discussion in 'Central U.S.' started by BigJimmyW13, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Old RT3 Guy

    Old RT3 Guy XS650 Member XS650.com Supporter

    OP, KS
    You should have seen this guy's 5-bay toy box though. There was a sand cast CB-750, a Pre Unit Bonneville, a really sweet looking BSA Gold Star, an early 60's Shelby GT, and his daily driver was a high end Raptor along with the airplane. His box runneth over.
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  2. RustiePyles

    RustiePyles Semper Fortis

    Mission, Kansas here IMG_8997.jpg
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  3. Solomoriah

    Solomoriah XS650 Addict

    Wow, Rusty, nice. Is that the stock seat? I love it!
  4. RustiePyles

    RustiePyles Semper Fortis

    Thank you. It is the original seat, but it was recovered with an OEM style seat cover from someplace in the UK a few years ago.

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