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Avon Roadriders on a Special?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by eyewinder, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. eyewinder

    eyewinder XS650 Enthusiast

    I'm looking for sizing and performance feedback from anyone running Avon AM26 Roadriders – particularly on a Special... After a bunch of reading, it's become clear that labeled tire sizes can vary a great deal from the actual measurements. Avon's apparently run on the wide side. My primary concerns:

    1) How's the rear tire clearance with the 130/90-16 (MT90-16)?

    My old tire has slightly less than a 1/4" gap between the swing arm and caliper brace rod (have a rear disk). It has a fairly square transition from the tread to the sidewall and measures at 134mm wide. I'm hoping that the Roadrider's more rounded profile will allow for a similar clearance, despite it's larger specified width of 137mm.

    2) What size did you get for the front wheel and how does it perform? How's the clearance with forks/fender?

    The Avon fitment guide suggests their 'universal' 100/90-19 for the front wheel, although the rim width calls for a 2.15" minimum. They also make 'front' specific sizes at 90/90-19 and 3.25-19, which could be a better option for a 1.85" mag wheel...

    Would these smaller sizes have any performance advantages? On a cosmetic note, would they appear overly small? The Special has a fat rear tire to start with, so it would be nice to avoid exaggerating the size difference any further – unless there is good reason.

  2. XS650D

    XS650D XS650 Junkie

    Look further down regarding my report on installing these tires on my 77 standard.Luv them. I got the same sizes as
    what was on the bike before and they do look bigger(taller and wider) but not a lot.Im more on my tippy toes now LOL short legged.
    The ride and handling is much improved, the side walls are a lot stiffer and u do run more psi than stock.
    I will never buy anything else.Had them previously on a 1200 Sportster recommended by the Harley tech as I hated the Dunlops I had
    and never looked back.They are a lil more money, there are cheaper tires,only real down side as I see it.
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  3. eyewinder

    eyewinder XS650 Enthusiast

    Hi XS650D,
    I came across your tire threads while researching earlier... and your positive review helped with narrowing my selection. To confirm, did you end up going with the 3.25-19 on the front, as mentioned here, or did you stick with the more common 100/90-19?

    By any chance, did you get your tires on sale at Flying Squirrel in Toronto? They have a bunch of nice tires to choose from. I'm considering the Bridgestone BT-45 as well...

    At some point, I'd love to swap out the rear wheel for an 18", but will have to live with the 16" mag for now.
  4. XS650D

    XS650D XS650 Junkie

    Hi Eyewinder
    I ended up going with the 100/90/19 and its perfect,approx 3/8" space between the rim and tire, lil meatier
    than the spitfires I had even though its the same specs, go figure!
    I wouldn't run 2 different tires personally as the the handling will be compromised.
    I got them from a supplier in Montreal,cant recall but good price I thought and free shipping over a certain $$.
  5. eyewinder

    eyewinder XS650 Enthusiast

    Good to know the 100/90-19 is working well for you. I also spoke with someone at Avon late this afternoon and they recommended the 90/90-19. Since the Roadriders tend to run on the larger side, the actual size of the 90/90-19 measures at 99mm or 3.9" wide. It's also recommended for use with a 1.85" rim... So there are two solid options for the front wheel!

    Sorry, I probably should have been clearer about the Bridgestone BT-45s... For the reason you've mentioned, I wouldn't mix and match different brands or types of tires. They would be a second choice (front and rear), if the Roadriders are not workable due to rear wheel / swing arm clearance issues.

    That said, if anyone can confirm that the 16" Roadriders are a good fit on a Special, it would be greatly appreciated! Pics would be amazing too!

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