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i need pics of your home made engine stands

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by HooliganCycles, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. i have seen a lot of people making engine stand with car engine stands, can you guys please post your pics of your stands, i am going to build one this week and looking for ideas
  2. Got to my youtube channel and check out the vids. There are a few there of my stand that should give you ideas.

  3. I'm not using a car engine stand but here's a pic of a simple one that I did. It's not a pic but the plan.

  4. Ironsled77

    Ironsled77 XS650 GRAND HACK

    ^^ cant beat that one for cheap too. make 2 weld a piece of angle on the bottom and u can lock it in a vise.
  5. well i am building one on a car stand so that i can flip motors upside down and clean and paint them before the top end goes back together
  6. twojugs- your is exactly what i am talking about, hope you dont mind but i am stealing your idea, how do you like it? looks like it works great...is it just angle on the front and bottom motor mounts?
  7. It works great. Strong enough to run the motor in and gives total acces to all locations while working on it. The esiest way to get the motor into the stand is to slide the complete bracket out of the stands main swivel pipe and bolt it to the motor. Then pick up the motor and slip the tube into the stand. I bought a plastic mortar tub from home depot to place under it while washing motors with mineral spirits. It keeps the nasty stuff from going on the floor and you can put it containers to dispose of it when done. It can even be used a few times, the grease and dirt will settle in the jugs after a while and clean enough spirits can be pulled from the top for more washing.

    Build away.

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