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New Guy From Alaska

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Danisdead, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Danisdead

    Danisdead Two Wheeled Addict

    Hey guys,

    Iv'e been riding for a long time and have a couple old Harley's. Ive always wanted an XS (something reliable) :D. I just picked a 1977 up from a friend where it has been sitting in his garage for a few years. He says it ran it just needs the carbs cleaned; we'll see about that. My original plan was to hard tail it but the more tracker style bikes i have seen from you guys on this forum the more I am leaning that direction. Anyways just saying hi and looking forward to learning lots of good stuff about these great bikes. Heres a pic of the bike 20 minutes after it was unloaded at my house. Sorry I didn't take any pics of it before I started stripping her down.

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  2. retiredgentleman

    retiredgentleman XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    Good looking bike there:thumbsup: It should clean up nicely.

    Welcome to the group.
  3. Ironsled77

    Ironsled77 XS650 GRAND HACK

    Hi danisdead im assuming you are the same danisdead from Alaska on JJ! Welcome....don't worry I wont rat you out over there!:laugh:

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  4. Trex

    Trex XS650 Addict

    Welcome Juneau...from Anchorage.
  5. Danisdead

    Danisdead Two Wheeled Addict

    Thanks guys, yup thats me on the JJ.

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