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UK Board Tracker Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Paulrxs650, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Brassneck

    Brassneck XS650 Guru

    Sweet!! Drooling over here. ;)
  2. weekendrider

    weekendrider Iron Horse cowboy Top Contributor

    S.W. MO
    Very nice. I expected a little more raucous sound.
  3. Do you know what Weekendrider, so did I! I deliberately baffled it so it wouldn't be ear splitting but I thought it would have been louder. Saying that though, it's a lovely rich note and it doesn't offend anyone, so I'm quite happy with it.. Plus I think it's making it slightly easier to tune. I've literally gone one size up on the pilot and two up on the main and for once, I think I've got it right first time!
  4. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

    Absolutely fantastic there, Paul.

    Uh, oh.
    I photoshop a fender mod, and look what happens.
    I photoshop a gold "Robson" decal on the tank, and it magically appears.

    Should I photoshop a fellow chasing after you waving £30,000?
  5. Definitley - Pleeeaassee Photo Shop that one !!!!
  6. Looks good on the road. That candy paint in sun light comes alive. Good to see it is put to good use. :cheers:
  7. Thanks Scabber - yep, really pleased with that colour choice!
  8. Those pictures of the bike are really well done and a nice view of surrounding area. Board track or street fighter the side view if the bike looks all motor bad to the bone so to speak. The video of the ride by looks like a good place to grab some gears for some load testing of the motor. Horse power to weight it has to run like a scalded H-D hog. Would be interested in knowing what it tips the scales at. How fast is too fast ? :umm:
  9. Thanks Scabber! Yes it pulls like train and I haven't even got it dialled in properly yet. I does list to light the rear tyre up off the mark in first. Top end? I would say well over a ton. I've taken it up to 75 and it's not particularly comfortable. It's happy around 60 :)
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  10. Little bit of an update:

    Passed its MOT this morning :D

    Pulled the clutch cover as I had a very slight weep from one of the bolts holding the Derby cover on. My own fault I suspect when I checked the bolts and must have put a tiny crack in the JB Weld. A little blob should sort that.

    Changed the jets to 32.5 pilots and 142.5 mains. Plugs are still showing white but now with faintest brown appearing. So I'm still slightly lean. Temperature running shows 175.

    Got some clear stone chip sheet and made some pieces for the down tube, bottom tubes and the bottom of the rear mudguard. Just to protect the paint.

    Checked the cam chain tension - all good

    So far I've managed to do 55 miles and if the weather holds this weekend, hopefully a few more.
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  11. That's the oil leak sorted and 130 miles on it now. Plugs are now a decent colour with the 32.5 / 145 combo. It rides well and actually corners reasonably well too. It's definitely happy sat still around the 65mph mark. It'll pull hard up to 80 plus and beyond but feels a little buzzy up there.
  12. I find mine does go well at 60 off mph, anything above 70 and it feels a bit weak, and vibrates a lot!

    Looking like a beaut Paul! Glad she goes well!

    Still think cream rims would finish it off nicely! :)
  13. Thanks Airwolfie - yep, maybe. I quite like the polished look at the mo - maybe some to do over the winter ;)
  14. Good to hear it passed the MOT. Glad your getting some riding time in and the feedback. Happy at 65 is a good speed. Buzzy 80 and above is a normal for the rephase motor from what I have read on the subject. I take it relates to the vibration no noticeable at 65 then as engine RPM increases 80 above buzzy vibration transferred to the foot pegs like a foot massage. Just guessing no first hand knowledge. I was planning to do a rephase and have a crank procrastination my downfall. learning from you first hand. Good to protect the paint I think a front mudguard would look good on the bike small candy red similar to the rear. Also road grime after a day of riding.
  15. Thanks Scabber! I'll leave the front mudguard for now though, I think is struggle where to attach it.
    A few pics of the 100 plus miles this weekend and also a nice agent offered to do some artwork on one

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  16. wannabridin

    wannabridin XS650 Guru

    do you find there's any lateral movement in your seat? I'm still figuring out my springer seat but am concerned with the seat moving side to side some since there's no real lateral positioning. I imagine this is why woodoo Vintage is making their link-style seat shock kit.
  17. Hi, not particularly. There is a mm or two but nothing that concerns me. I do know what you mean, as I thought about the same thing while building it. I just machined the tolerances a little tighter :)
  18. The stand alone photo artworks picture of the bike allows one to focus on the show bike quality of the build worthy of the Robson label. Lots of work went into creating it. Don't forget the oil change. :cheers:
  19. joestella28

    joestella28 XS650 Member

    Paul, that is superb! I'm about to start a xs build myself (in the UK) and was wondering what spec your wheels are? I think I read somewhere in the 25 pages that they are 19 inch rims, what rims and hubs are you using? How about tyres? My project will be a street tracker and really want to go the 19 inch spoked route.

    Also, might I ask who rephased your crank and camshaft or was this all from Heiden Tuning?

    Cracking build!

    Thanks, Joe

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