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What are your thoughts or ideas for XS650Fest & ChopOff 2017?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by HAPPY DAN, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. mrtwowheel

    mrtwowheel Honda Etched On Brain Top Contributor

    Sure, start your own rally. At your place, what day, what time, how many bedrooms?

  2. 1969dane

    1969dane XS650 Member

    Well we have about a hundred acres. I suppose you could bring your RVs. Plenty of hotels in Sturbridge.
  3. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    Well, I know they are looking for any an all suggestions and ideas, but since Daniel and Kerri do this at their shop, that dramatically reduces overhead and makes setup easier on them. So I'd say a change of venue, especially something so drastic is unlikely...

    That said, i drive up from Texas every year, and @gracer comes from Arizona, so the distance shouldn't put you off. Plus depending on where you are located on the East Coast, there's a good chance that somebody near you is coming out. Maybe you could carpool/convoy? Just a thought...
  4. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    Hell yeah, I wouldn't have a problem adding another xs650 event to my plans for next year :) provided they are somewhat spaced apart timewise ...
  5. 1969dane

    1969dane XS650 Member

    I'm certainly not saying to stop the original chop off. But an event in New England would be excellent. I can certainly find a bike shop or two to help sponsor. We have rice o Rama that gets bigger every year. Be nice to see something just for xs bikes.
  6. Satch39

    Satch39 XS650 Addict

    +1 on the swap meet idea! Also, the idea of unfinished bike category would be cool! Any ideas as to this years dates? Trying to schedule vacations, but don't want to miss the event.
  7. just let me know whats going on so i can get started on next build,had a blast last year I just about out of parts for a swap meet ( lol they all went into SPARE PARTS last year )
  8. I would have loved an unfinished or inprogress category previously. But after a few years my bilke will be done next 30 days. Either way if I attend, finshed or not i would haul it there instead of riding. Inprogress catagory is good idea. Pretty much prevented my attendence previously.

    I never quite understood the rules on timing of builds so i'll ask now, if i started my bike a few years ago, the post is out here, and I finish it this year, am I eligible for the 2017 chop off?
  9. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    I spoke with Daniel and Kerri last week and the dates will be Friday and Saturday, Aug. 18-19. They are talking about all of the great ideas... swap meet, unfinished category, vendors, etc. that everybody has shared, and will be releasing details for this year's event as soon as possible.

    I can't wait to see everybody there, both new and familiar faces.
  10. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    Is the seat the only thing you're waiting on ? :)

    The first year I participated and built a bike, you couldn't start the build until Nov. 1, and it had to be running and riding by 11 a.m. the Saturday of the event.

    Recently, it's been basically, as long as you have a build thread on here, and share progress pics on the XS650 Chopoff Facebook page, and your bike was running and riding by the event, you could enter it.

    I'm sure they will clarify when they release the details this year.

    Either way, you should definitely come. It's a nice, laid back event with a bunch of like-minded folks.
  11. Seat and front wheel change and reassembly I am waiting on. I do plan to have the most amazing seat ever on an xs though.
  12. hey all, i tried last couple few years to make it and didn't so i feel like my opinion should be kept to myself but......
    It would be tough to fork $100 to go to a show where I don't think i'd have a chance in hell against bikes that look like they were built by pro's, however I absolutley think helping take some of the financial burden off of Daniel & Kerri by having some sort of reasonable entry is a good idea.
    I think any build you finish during the year of the buildoff should be allowed, which means a bike finished any previous year wouldn't be able to be in the contest.
    Many of the people here on the forum take years to get the bike how they want it before they show it to the public so in my opinion even if it took 10 years to finish whether it was some sort of modified or a ground up restoration and they had updates all along and during the build year on the forum and included the recent updates on facebook as well and followed the rules during the current buildoff year then, what the hell, why not let them in.

    I'm glad the date is set so i don't book a show on that weekend.

    Another suggestion would be to have at least three catagories for trophies
    1. Stock Restorations
    2. Modified (Any that are Chopped or changed from stock)
    3. In Progress Builds (the ones that didn't get finished)
    I think this would help bring more attendee's also

    Motorcycle Swap meet, a great idea!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MaxPete

    MaxPete Lucille, Betty, Demi & Gretel: I ask, THEY decide. XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    I'd like to come along and would be happy to contribute to ease the cost burden.

  14. I agree, I meant to finish but life got in the way pretty significantly and I am returning to it after 2 years. Finish year should be the criteria not the start. Many folks have jobs and family obligations the get in the way of a few month build cycle. Like try moving family to 3 states in 3 years on your own dime. :)

    Fingers crossed.... Any sense of when the timelines, location, rules etc come out for 2017
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  15. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    Something to keep in mind on this... I've gone the last 3 years in a row. The first year (2014), I built a bike, and there were only 4 chopoff bikes that showed up complete. 3 of those four ended up not finishing the required ride (mine included). In 2015 there were 3 bikes in the chopoff (2 built by the same builder, our very own DirtyDog). And last year, 2016, only 2 bikes showed up for the chopoff. Basically what I'm saying is the odds of winning the chopoff might be better than you think.

    I only suggested a separate chopoff entry fee because it might be an extra incentive for builders to finish their bike, especially if the spoils went to the winner. But I definitely appreciate the feedback. The decision is ultimately up to Daniel and Kerri, but the more people that weigh in on the topic on this forum, the better informed their decision.

    Another thing everybody needs to realize -- and I think maybe having the word "Chopoff" in the name of the event is throwing folks off -- is this event is about the Yamaha XS650 motorcycle in ALL its forms. Restored, stock, café, tracker, scrambler, bobber, chopper... ANY build style can be entered in the chopoff, and ANY xs650 is welcome at the event, and will be celebrated by those in attendace.

    IN ADDITION to the awards for the chopoff, every XS650 on the premises during the event is entered in to a separate XS650 BIKE SHOW. And there are multiple awards given. Chopper and bikes with stock frames have placed in this bike show. The last 2 years the overall winner of Best of Show has gotten a spread in Cycle Source magazine.

    So basically, everybody shouldn't get hung up of the "chopoff" portion of the event... which is actually a small portion of the whole thing.

    I agree... we all have parts laying taking up space in our garages that somebody else out there could use.

    The dates are Friday and Saturday, August 18-19. The location as always is at Pandemonium Custom Choppers in Defiance, Ohio. I know it's a haul for a lot of folks, but remember I drive up from Texas every year :)

    As to the other details, I've been assured they will be released soon. Some of the plans for this year have been based on this thread, so if you're reading this and you haven't weighed in on the topic yet, please do. If you have suggestions, ideas, or opinions, you're running out of time to contribute them before the details for this year's event are set.

    I'm hoping to see a bunch of bikes I haven't seen yet, and meet a bunch of folks I haven't bet yet. One think I know I haven't seen is a fully restored xs650 at this event. So if you have one, please bring it out. There have been stock or mostly stock bikes in their various forms, but nothing restored.
  16. Satch39

    Satch39 XS650 Addict

    I'm in either way (fee or no fee), it's not about the $ in my mind, but understand the incentive to finish aspect. I just want to meet the people I see on here as "users" in person and put a person with the "user". From those interactions I've had with some of the people on here I can't imagine it being anything other than a great time!!! I'm watching for the build rules, however one thing I've noticed from the past threads is the hesitation on the Facebook updates. I'm in the "I don't have Facebook" camp. If we can avoid it as a caveat to entry great, especially when we're putting build threads together on this site anyway (it seems like unnecessary duplication). If it remains a requirement, so be it, I'll work around it. Anyway, this has me fired up to build, so back to the basement for some work time!!
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  17. Matt1224

    Matt1224 XS650 Member

    I'm new to the platform but Daniel is located in my home town and he's an amazing guy. Hopefully I'll be able to get my bike up and ready for this years event with his help.
  18. I'm in again this year it'll be tough to get one done this year for me as I'm the new president of portsmouth motorcycle club and it takes a lot of time, but hell I built spare parts in 7 weeks so I'm in hell maybe I'll build 2 again hahahahaha I have to rebuild the wife bike first
  19. Happy Dan, Are eligible build bikes bikes that are finished this year but not necessarily started this year?

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