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What have you done to your XS today?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by I am Carbon, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. rode to long beach motorcycle swapmeet today. Found a nice finned throttle housing. And of course it had to be for 1inch bars :/ but tried to make spacers. Will post pics tomorrow.
  2. [​IMG]
    Still trying to make it work. Is it worth the trouble or keep my other one??
  3. I quite like the other one. Rat bike? Seems "patina'd" to me, so chrome will not go with it IMO! But it's your bike, and you got to look at it while you ride it! :)

    Got a full pic of the bike?
  4. Yes. I would consider my bike a rat. But with HOODRIDE appeal. I could add patina look to finned cover. But them fins just screamed "old school" to me. .. If I don't like it I can always go back to the one I have on right now. :)
  5. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    Well I have some scrap 1/8" aluminum sheet so I cut out a front turn signal mount.
    It's welded up and mocked up too but not painted. It seems to be to my liking So not I have to take it apart and paint it.

  6. Just took some advice from the forum and swapped out the old bulbs in the enormous rear brake light assembly of my '82 Heritage Special. Hopefully this takes some pressure off the stock and slightly tired charging system. BTW, where's the best place to get old school style ignition leads (Woven outer cover- solid copper core)?
  7. emzdogz

    emzdogz Aunty Em

    messed with my re re-wire some more.
  8. OldskoolXS650

    OldskoolXS650 Obsessed XS650 Owner

    Just installed copper head washers and retorqued the head.
  9. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    :D Yes finally My best friend gave me a gremlin bell for my XS.
    He gave me one for my Triumph last year.
    But today I got this!
    I've been wanting one for a couple years now. :doh:
    I wont get myself one, but I have given away a few.
    Oh yes I mocked up the new megahorn.
    Wash n Waxed her too
  10. Trex

    Trex XS650 Addict

    Spent hours and hours sanding out the nicks and casting grain on my front lower forks. Polished to a high gloss. One more step down.
  11. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    You CANNOT say that and not show us a pic!
  12. dedede

    dedede XS650 Addict

    Knocked out the swing arm bushings and neck races, one step closer to painting the sidecar project.
  13. azman857

    azman857 '80 XS 650SG Rider Top Contributor

    Finally made some time for myself and put the engine back in it's frame! Pic soon in my thread about updating my SG. I'm just taking a meal break. Pic's posted in the gallery.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  14. Dumbmonkey

    Dumbmonkey XS650 Enthusiast

    Well, I didn't do this today, but over the last month I've replaced the clutch and throttle cables, re-foamed the airbox filters, and replaced the rotten and generally ugly stock foot pegs with some swanky ones from Deep Six.
    Check out before and after...

    Attached Files:

  15. emzdogz

    emzdogz Aunty Em

    agreed! pics needed.:)
  16. [​IMG]
    Throttle housing done.
    Changed my oil and was going to change out rear brakes but they still had plenty if life.
    Did finally add some return springs to my rear brake rod to snap it back and sob rake won't drag.
  17. azman857

    azman857 '80 XS 650SG Rider Top Contributor

    Got the cam housings back on and installed the oil seals.
  18. Did this a couple of days ago. Completed my Alternator cover!



    Pissing with rain here today, I don't think I'm going to have shed time...........
  19. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    I road her all day
    Good start to the New Year
  20. NONclow

    NONclow Confirmed Laquer Breather

    :thumbsup: Sweet! Couldn't agree more. lil' colder up here, so not all day tho....

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