I have owned around 20 street bikes , not counting models I owned more than one of. I had at least 10 dirt bikes , and a few Frankenbikes that I scabbed together just for fun. I always wanted an XS standard. I had a '78 special once but sold it before I had a chance to ride it (doubled my $$)

just playing with my XS right now.
Scarborough Ontario Canada
'78 E standard, Pamco high output coil, race type oil filter, xs performance 2 into 1 , 17.5" shorty muffler ,Uni pod filters. Not sure what previous owners did ,but bike looked stock when I got it . I am not sure how or when my scrambler plan went out the window , but now I have a respectable street fighter.


:bike: '78 XS 650 E standard. Got the Pamco+high out put coil, iridium plugs,pod air filters, racing oil cooler, 2 into 1 with the shorty inverted cone muffler, KONI shocks, new fork springs, new Dunlop K70s on spoke alloys , new seat cover , carbs rebuilt by oldskool . and a bunch of other stuff .


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