Yamaha XS650 Technical References

Updated April 2024

Listed below are quick-reference links to threads in the forum on specific XS650 technical topics. If you can't find what you are looking for, try the Forum Search feature or browsing the main forum by Tags.

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Identifying your XS650, VIN Numbers

XS650 Model Identification/Year/VIN, Workshop Manuals, and Other Information
XS650 VIN number lookup: "ID your Model"
Yamaha XS1, XS1B, XS2, TX650 Tech Bulletins, Service Data, Brochures
Yamaha 1974-1979 XS650 Technical Bulletins

Engine and Transmission

Shift Shaft Chain Guard
Engine Oil Seals
Replacing a Cylinder Sleeve (How To)
Straightening a bent engine fin
Shift shaft chain guard
How To: Replacing the Shift Rubber the Easy Way
Valve stem seals: replacement without pulling the motor
Cam Chain Guide Mod
XS650 Top End Buildup
Calculate engine displacement
Rephasing an XS650 engine: "Rephasing, What is it?"
Cylinder head torque pattern and specs: "Bad Head Torquing?"
XS650 piston rings
Overdrive 5th gear
Flushing out an XS650 engine: "calling all engine guys..."
Splitting the crankcase
Starter and big bore
Power from 750cc big bore
Upper engine mount
XS650 kick start
Advance rod bushing/bearing replacement: "removing camshaft bushings??"
Powder coating vs heat retention
XS650 electric start system (starter)
XS650 - oil coming out of exhaust pipe
Different types of XS650 oil filter modifications: "oil filter"
XS650 oil coolers
Oil leaks
Oil sight glass?
Removing carbon from valves to increase compression
Lapping valves (video)
How-To: Remove the camshaft rocker arms
Cam chain tensioner information (differences between years)
- Cam chain tensioner information (direct link to page two with information on type D and E tensioners)
How-To: Fix grinding starter gear
Cylinder head cutaway
Video: Replace left main oil seal / pull rotor
Long rod conversion


All about the XS650 clutch: "XS650 clutch"
XS650 clutch plates: "clutch service limits"
Removing the clutch center nut
8-plate billet XS650 clutch project
8-plate clutch mod (completed)
XS650 clutch spring screw modification
Clutch lever hard to pull
Alignment hole in the clutch pressure plate
Clutch worm actuator experiment and tidbits
Clutch worm mod testing
Clutch pushrod experiment and tidbits
Clutch cable experiment and tidbits
Video: Replace clutch pushrod oil seal
Video: Replace clutch plates (discs)
Video: Clutch basket removal and installation

Carburetors, Fuel, Intake, and Air Filters

XS650 carburetor manuals, guides: "Carbs"
Cleaning carburetors: "cleaning carbs"
Removing the XS650 airbox and using pod filters: "Airbox to cones..."
Methods to clean rusty gas tank: "Rust removal from inside gas tank"
Fiberglass tank problems
2 into 1 intake manifold
Fuel injection on an XS650?
Ethanol gas bad for intake manifolds?: "inlet manifolds with ethanol"
Using Dell'orto carburetors on an XS650
Carb holders splitting: "Split carb mounts after 3 months"
Carb jetting
Rust in the tank
Carburetor fuel "T": "Carb T-connector"
Mikuni Round Slide (VM) ID and 34mm vs 36mm vs 38mm
Throttle shaft seals (butterfly seals)
Throttle shaft butterfly screw removal
XS2 gas tank / saving my paint job from gas incursion
Jet Bits
Installing MikesXS Non-Vacuum Petcocks on Later Models
Rebuilding Yamaha Vacuum Operated Fuel Valves (Petcocks.)*


Aftermarket exhaust
How to open up the stock exhaust
Cutting off the stock mufflers
Attaching new mufflers to the stock headpipes
Exhaust systems and performance (back pressure?)


XS650 wiring diagrams: "some wiring diagrams"
XS650 permanent magnet alternator
How-To: Permanent Magnet Alternator Swap (Also known as the Banshee Swap)
XS650 ignitions "what ignitions are out there?"
PAMCO ignition systems
TCI box - a successful repair, electronic ignition, igniter
Using an inductive timing light for rpm
Cleaning alternator stator
Ignition box TCI: "xs650 need to have the comp to run?"
XS650 electric start system (starter)
Technical information on on LED lights "LED"
Headlights: "Best Headlight Anyone?"
Voltage regulator?
Charging System: Nylon Screws
A look inside the TCI: "TCI forensics" (igniter/ignition box)
How-To: Diagnose charging system problems (charging system guide)
Explanation of the electrical systems on the XS650
Points timing basics
PAMCO Ignition - Wiring diagrams, FAQ, Tips, Troubleshooting, etc.
Flasher (blinker, turn signal) fault troubleshoot flowchart
Ignition Switch Overhaul 
Hi-Lo Switch Repair
Honda MP08 Coil
Voltmeter installation
'77-'79 Standard In-Dash Voltmeter
Voltmeter Power Connection on Special Model
Boyer Bransden Ignition installation on my XS2
Boyer Bransden Ignition - 1981 Yamaha XS650 SH
DIY Reg/Rec. 5twins and Jim
TCI Timing Tweak
Gonzo DIY TCI System
Alternator Disable Mod
Blade Fuses*

Frame and Body

XS650 frame dimensions, drawings
XS650 swingarm brace dimensions
XS650 hardtails
How-To: Install tapered roller bearings in the neck
Sidecar 101
How-To: Rebuild/rejuvenate early model 70-71 instruments
70-83 Gauge Repair - Bezel removal - DIY Damper Replacement - Replace Face Decals
Opening up a speedo/tach
1972 XS2 tachometer repair
Speedometer and tachometer rebuild*
How to: Make a brat style flat seat on the cheap
How to: Recover seat "Installing a new seat cover"
Seat Cover Repair: How-To DIY A primer
Repairing Plastic


Installing Bronze Swingarm Bushings and Setting Sideplay
Lowering front forks
How-To: Rebuild XS650 forks / install lowering kit
Suspension references
XS650 front end shake
Fork oil
fork oil change?
Fork interchangeability: "Fork Swapping"
Springer front end
Harley Davidson XL Sportster narrow glide conversion : How To
How-To: Make fork gaiters using parts found at the auto parts store
1970 1971 1972 1973 Lower Triple Tree steering stem differences & identification
Yamaha XS750 Front End Swap*

Wheels and Drive

Wheel interchangeability: "xs650 wheels"
XS650 drive chain
XS650 conversion to belt drive: "what about belt drive?"
What is the hub width on an XS650 Front wheel?
19" Rear wheel, wheel sizes and tires: "street tracker guys"
What size wheels were originally on a 1971 xs650?
Motorcycle wheel truing stand and static balancer
How to read a motorcycle tire sidewall, tire information: "motorcycle tyres (tires)"
Wheel bearing removal
21" front wheel information
Rear axle (differences between years)
Homemade chain tensioner
How-To: Wheel Bearings


How-To add Brembo caliper and a 18" spoked rim
Drilled Disc Hole Sizes
650 Rear Drum Brake Plates
Stainless braided brake and clutch lines
Upgrading XS650 front brakes: "Fazer Blue Spot Caliper"
Brake rotors (discs) that will fit the XS650 front wheel: "My mistress "the dirty screamer" build log"
XS650 front brakes: "adding second brake caliper-?"
Cable operated remote master cylinder
How-To: bleeding the brakes
Stainless braided brake line information
One or two piece front brake lines?
How-To: Cross drill rotor with patterns
How-To: Rebuild master cylinder


XS650 forward controls
Making throttle cables
Eliminate handlebar vibration

Maintenance and General Troubleshooting

General XS650 troubleshooting - Symptoms and their potential causes
How to properly store your motorcycle
Bike won't start? Running rough?
Buying guide - Getting to know your bike
How do I check and change oil on an XS650? Oil recommendations?


Heavy Metal. Rust Removal and plating
The great o-ring, seal, gasket, nut, bolt, sizes used on the XS650 thread.
Tips for finding parts
Identifying ignition keys
Motorcycle tow hitch review, TMS800 800lb front wheel hauler
Shop safety - Fire extinguishers, safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.
XS650 shop manuals
Reducing weight on an XS650: "weight reduction ?"
A collection of XSJohn's mods
Polishing Made Easy
Getting new keys made and information on re-keying a lock
How-To: Polish your valve covers
Locks and Keys*


Insurance for tools?
Shop tools: "Homemade and Unique Tools"
Motorcycle Lift
Tool Kit
Engine Hoist


Tube bender plans
Engine stand plans
XS650 sidecar
How-To: DIY Bungs for Tanks, Oil Bags, Fenders, etc...

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