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Thanks for be so welcoming to my son Ben. Ride safe.
He's a nice down to earth kinda guy
I told him that he can now join the rest of us here
Ride safe too
Gary, I/ve decided to build a 700 with a Shell#1 cam. I'm going to have the crank welded and heavy duty rods installed but pretty much stock internals with a stock (other than valve springs) head, and I'll be running 1/2 mile flat track pipes. Have you ever used head pipe torque inserts?
I have them on Madness a high comp 750 with 1 3/4" stainless headers but you might have seen my comments in the recent thread. These status posts tend to get lost in the shuffle.
I'm moving to Falls in June. Girlfriend's daughter is getting married and she axed me to move in. Maybe we could meet up sometime?
I just saw this today. Meet up anytime.
My XS1-B sold...
The asking price was $6800. The buyer paid that and more. Thank you all for your help and advice.
It breaks my heart to sell. During the open selling period I went to have the motor professionally tuned. While in the shop an astute buyer and I made an agreement. The tuning has made the bike easy to start. Sadly I must keep my word. This bike was too nice for me anyway.🙁
Sorry, I think I was editing while you were reading...
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