Whats your weather right now?

About 5" of snow overnight but sun`s out and 81 degrees already so it will melt in a couple of hours.:bs: Belated April 1st post.
Cardiff Wales UK: Blue sky today but a cool wind. I gave the Virago an oil change so ready for tomorrow's blue sky. I used a 20w50 but hope someone can suggest something better?
Hope the weather holds out for you Paul; it ain’t predictable that’s for sure.
Regarding oil; you make your choice and pay your money……👍
And after a cold, clear night we had frost this morning. Now, I hoped that this late in the year, a single night frost might not lead to the Scottish Government calling the salt trucks out . . .

However, just in case, decided to use Polly, Kawasaki W800 for today's outing to the shops. Ok, it's a cold morning but dry so I'll put on overalls/boiler suit for an extra layer. Didn't get far before my NaCl fears were confirmed. And then it started to rain. Not heavy, not worth turning back, gonna get wet as well as cold but been here before.

Bought and paid for £46 worth of shopping, reached behind meself for the rucksack and BUGGER! Left the blasted thing at home. You stoopid man, what are you going to do now?

Bought a plastic carrier bag - gives me the option of leaving my purchases with Customer Services while I head home to fetch a rucksack. But really didn't want to do that with the rain now a bit heavier.

Ended up putting the bag full of shopping down the front of me jacket. Just about fits if I do up the bottom popper stud, pull my stomach in a bit, yank the jacket around tight and do up the top stud. Leaving the rest open, shopping bag hanging out but not in any way sealing up the wide open jacket. Ooh err, it wasn't a comfortable ride home. Cold, raining, salty spray on the bike, wet and drafty with jacket not closed, plus the thought the bag might split or make a break for freedom.

No heroics, gritted teeth, shortest route home. Two sets of roadworks and a broken-down timber lorry on the Melrose by-pass, just to give some unexpected delays. Bag held together and didn't fall out so after a longer time than usual I was cold, wet and home again.

Eh, motorbikes are fun.
Storms all last night. Two shaking dogs sharing the bed kept me up all night. Throw 'em off, fall asleep and they'd sneak back up soon as I dozed off. Currently under a severe thunderstorm watch all night tonight and a tornado watch until 9pm.

3rd or 4th watch. One tornado warning (that one turned out to be "radar indicated" and never reached the ground). There's a few tornados touched down an hr or two ago up in Nebraska.... a severe storm just to the south. Weatherman man says it's all gonna depend on whether or not those two merge together. If they do, we're dead center. If they don't, we should be safe.

Well fellas, y'all have some weather! Blessings!

Mine was light breeze Simpson clouds and from t-shirtcool to t-shirt off... doin' honey do this an' that in the sun. Never even rolled. Which is, I confess, a sin akin to missin' a day fishin'...... Meantime, as the Dude says in Lebowski new chit has come to light. Actually the lights of the east, yukyukyuk. So So enjoy learned paper about a discovery related to..oh yes! weather! Very cool...that's not intended to be a pun.
Learned paper> https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2320844121

pdf> https://arxiv.org/pdf/2310.19832

We use 14 different experiments to demonstrate the existence of the photomolecular effect: photons in the visible spectrum cleave off water clusters from air–water interfaces. We use laser to study single air–water interfaces and show polarization, angle of incidence, and wavelength dependent responses, peaking at green where bulk water does not absorb. Raman and infrared absorption spectra and temperature distribution in air show the existence of water clusters under light. We suggest the photomolecular effect provides a mechanism to resolve the long-standing puzzle of larger measured solar absorptance of clouds than theoretical predictions based on bulk water optical constants and demonstrate that visible light can heat up clouds. Our work suggests that photomolecular evaporation is prevalent in nature.
We've been having 80s this week but today, we woke up to thunderstorms and heavy rain. Typical Texas storms. That's what happens when a squall line meets a trof. Thankfully no dry line, or it could have been worse. We need the rain, we are in a heavy deficit.
We've been having 80s this week but today, we woke up to thunderstorms and heavy rain. Typical Texas storms. That's what happens when a squall line meets a trof. Thankfully no dry line, or it could have been worse. We need the rain, we are in a heavy deficit.
what is "trof" ?
To-day... better than yesterday... about as totallybitchen as weather kin be. Just enough breeze to move smoke, and a bit over 80 in another couple hours. Entirely satisfactory, orison was fulfilled. And my pal got kilt by the airforce junior birdmen - several times they kilt 'im... But he finally escaped and got away.. and he ain't dead. Actually a true story... check into to base hospital and the check out horizontal and cold. He outta been at the VA. He's a little upset about it too... one tough soldier... I guess prayers don't hurt. The jumpstart-o-matic does hurt.