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    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Welcome Back Danny boy. As soon as your ready to take orders i am 100% on board with this. let me know thanks.
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    Wanted - Tx750 starter clutch and gear.

    Yes Hotel71 that Argo. He doesn't respond to emails or messages anymore. Regardless I have found a sufficient replacement that will bolt in with little modification. It is from a Suzuki LT-F250 88' to 09' Quadrunner.
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    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Thank you Bewarethemoon I have been waiting on at least some notes. Have you had a chance to maybe take apart an existing slave to see if there are any ideas you can gather? I have a Ducati slave knock-off i can dissasemble and post? I have used it before and it held well for the year i used it?
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    Brembo Master Cylinder

    I don't want to hijack but artic, what offset are you running on the custom disc? I am using motolanna brackets for the 40mm 4 pot brembos, but I would like a disc that bolts on instead of spacing the disc away from the hub.
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    Tx750 madness.

    I saw that Add. That is some of my inspiration. After several frustrating and difficult days of fighting the engine, I found that the spark plug threads were so dirty they weren't allowing them to ground and fire. Also the condensors were weak to the point it wasn't allowing the points to break...
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    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Any word yet?
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    For Sale - Polyurethane handlebar bushing kits

    Still available?
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    Tracker from a 1981

    What shocks are you using? Do you like them?
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    question 5twin, have you ever removed the pressed in air jet on a set of BS34, drilled and tapped for a m28/1001 type pilot jet?
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Well I need the front set, but still 50$! screaming good deal. Thank you 5Twins, your knowledge astounds me sometimes. Would really enjoy a few conversations with you since you seems to have some of the best insight into the odds and ends of these machines.
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    What have you done to your XS today?

    Well that is just.... ride the bike in reverse everywhere?? The only consolidation i can give you is that at least you didn't pop a spoke while lacing up a new 64 spoke rim. And a 12 gauge spoke nipple for a motorcycle is apparently rare as can be... anyone maybe by chance have a few spare ones...
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    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    I did not know that. I have not closely inspected a XS transmission yet. Usually i focus on the exterior of the engine first. Fueling, Air, Clutch, and of course making it stop as fast as possible before I open up the guts and start tweaking them. FANTASTIC! I am very excited to have this. I...
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    Mr Riggs Hydraulic Clutch Conversion For those looking for information on what undercutting is, that is a good explanation.