1. J32

    Alternative Carburetors?

    I'm looking for alternative carburetors that are out there on the market that can be bought from the factory and with a little adjustments work on the bike without having to pay $$$$ Maybe something around the $$ to $$$ range. I keep seeing 34mm carburetors on Amazon like this one Carburador...
  2. Muckroot

    Wanted - 34mm fork lowers or whole forks

    Hello, I am looking for a nice set of fork lowers for a chopper project. I already have stanchions and all the bits including the trees and caliper, however I am willing to pay the extra for a complete set of forks if the lowers are in really tip-top shape (with consideration to their age)...
  3. GeorgeOC

    Make Offer - SOLD -34mm Forks Trees Hardware and Caliper

    Make an offer, looking to find a good home for a set of 34mm forks and trees. These are in good shape, but not museum grade. Missing a few nuts and bolts for the upper trees. Not pictured, but included are: - HL ear hardware - Handlebar studs / mounting pins - 100% functional / refinished 2...
  4. deluxerux

    help on finding this hard to find part. picture included.

    Your help would be much appreciated. I cannot find this replacement part for the life of me anywhere. This is an internal piece of the 34mm forks. Broke during rebuild. I can't even find some 34mm complete forks unless GGGary has a set he'd be willing to part with. Thanks guys.
  5. LuckyLeprechaun

    Identify dampener rod

    This weekend I went about the process of rebuilding the 34mm forks on my '76. I did a fair amount of research before I started to make sure I had everything I needed and things would go as smoothly as possible. However, after I got started, I could not get the dampener rods out. I first tried a...
  6. Mattx2

    Mikuni VM Round Slide 34mm

    Hey guys, So , im looking to buy new carbs for the ol' XS. Anyone have a set of these? -is it easy to sync -do they perform well -easy to maintain :confused: im lost on carbs... I just want to kick and ride :bike: