1. ninosboombox

    1980 charging issues, green wire needs to be grounded for slap test to work

    Hi Guys, Ive been rebuilding my 1980 yamaha 650 xs special 2, and have run into some problems, hoping the much smarter folks here can lend their expertise?? I have a new stator a new reg rectifier, new ignition switch, new stator, and a newer harness which was replaced in 2016 (all from mikes...
  2. H

    Aftermarket Left-hand Switches Wiring HELP PLEASE

    This is my very first motorcycle project. I bought this aftermarket device for my turn signals, headlight, and horn control. It only has 8 wires while the original setup on my 1982 XS400s has 10 wires. However, they serve the same function (except the original blinker switch comes back to the...
  3. abyssmaltailgate

    For Sale - 2 pairs of NEW Ignition Coils

    The black coils with yellow wires are EMGO mounted and ran to see the engine turnover, but never used on the road. This is a pair of single outlet 12 volt coils. The green coils are also EMGO and are brand new with packaging, never mounted, never ran because they came with the PMA kit I bought...
  4. H

    Does this thing get hot???

    Hey all, Just getting ready to make my custom harness and Im wondering if I can bury this electrical component or if it has to breathe... From the diagrams Ive seen, I think its the rectifier- I could be wrong. But, its the aluminum colored box w/ what appears to be heat sinks molded into...