front disc pads

  1. Crashedkiwi

    Template for drilling disc

    Hi there all; Could someone kindly post or direct me to where I might find a template for drilling my front disc please? After all, why not? Cheers
  2. Muckroot

    Which pads for unknown calipers?

    I have a caliper assembly that fits the 34mm forks I'm running on my hardtail project. I cant figure out which pads to get from mikes though, because two of the options have key tabs on them. can anyone eyeball this caliper and let me know which of these two sets of pads is the correct set...
  3. YL82

    Vesrah SD-204 Front Brake Pads for '74-'76 XS650's

    Aside from 650Central, are there other US locations to buy these round T-Tab front pads for the early dual-piston calipers? Vesrah Model# SD-204. I believe these also fit the TX650's.