1. Leavejayalone

    Sold / Found / Inactive - XS650 ‘75-‘79 fitment rear shocks

    Are you holding hagon, yss, Racetech, ohlins? Looking for something for 175lb rider. Let me know what you got and wanna get rid of cheap. I don’t have “brand new” prices dough. But nothing too crusty please. J
  2. Dale Harris

    Make Offer - Rear shocks

    Rear shocks from '83 heritage. No rust Make an offer
  3. E

    Mikes xs shocks or other options?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the black/gold mikes xs shocks part #06-3721. I love the looks and the color is perfect with my black/gold 82 special I've heard the shocks from mikes are reeeaally stiff but part of the reason I need new shocks is that I will...
  4. MacMcMacmac

    Honda 750 Ace Shocks....

    ...are a direct fit and bolt on with no hassle. Got these for $40 along with a few metal sleeves that came with the Progressive Suspension box they came in. I pushed in the appropriate sleeves and they went on like they were OEM. Looks miles better than the Mike's piggyback units which looked...
  5. L

    Lowering fork - 2 or 3 inch? (With harley Shocks)

    Okeedokee. So I am sure this topic may have been covered before, but after searching, I can't seem to find a definite answer. I am planning on a brat bobber build (BUT NOT a weld in brat kit. Just slamming it). I have 11" eye to eye progressive Harley shocks laying around in my house, so...
  6. T

    Changing shocks

    How hard is it to change the rear shocks?
  7. W

    Non eye to eye style shocks

    Have a set of shocks that are not eye to eye style, they have one circular mount but the other end is forked. How would I go about mounting a shock like this? Thanks
  8. 0

    Will rear shocks designed for a heavier bike be ok on the XS ?

    Hi all I'm trying to choose some shocks with a longer travel of 360mm for my street tracker project but shocks of this length that will fit are designed for heavier bikes . XS650 is 200kg or so and the bikes that have these shocks ( YSS TOPLINE RANGE ) are about 260kg and these are adjustable...
  9. R

    Rebel 250 shocks rebuildable?

    So can you rebuild those things?
  10. LuckyLeprechaun

    Mulholland interpart? (air shock rebuilding)

    Hello all, my bike has Mulholland Interpart Force 1 shocks, and i'm thinking about rebuilding them. When I googled the name however, I didn't get very many results. Does Mulholland Interpart exist anymore? Can I get a rebuild kit for these shocks? Can I rebuild them without having a "kit" to do...
  11. A

    1972 front fork rebuild

    Hey All, I wanted to see if you could all help me out with my front forks. I took them apart and I noticed on the upper tubes the circle clamp at the bottom appears to be wrong. Must of mad his own. Can you tell me if this is right. If not where can I get the correct part.
  12. N

    Rear springs for a skinny rider?

    Ok, my first post here... New to the forum, but I've been riding my '83 Heritage Special for about 5 years now. I'm only about 125- 130 lbs, and I found my stock rear springs were too stiff on my my bike. I had the preload adjuster set as soft as they would allow, but everytime I hit even a...
  13. ChopperRobb

    Rear shock relocate

    Alright, finally got around to welding the rear shock mounts for my dropseat swingarm frame...problem maybe????....when going to bolt the top shock eyes into their new mounts they don't line up from left shock side to right shock side by about an 1/8' this a big deal? I can still get both...
  14. C

    mount rear shocks to my XS650E

    I had purchased shocks for my bike, the original were shot and rusty. the new ones were ordered from Mikesxs. they are the right ones, but can't get the Eye (top rubber insert) on to the frame to properly bolt up. what will work, i guess i have to compress the shock, it is so tight. i can bolt...
  15. 7

    What shocks with 2" lower forks

    What are you guys running to go with your 2" lowered forks? I want something good quality. Doesn't have to be a piggyback or anything.
  16. Alabaster

    Cafe Shocks after 18" rear wheel upgrade

    Hi all, I'm getting my cafe project together and would like to know which shocks I should go with. The stock wheel on my 81 special was 16" but I've upgraded to an 18" with spoke kit from mikesxs. I'd like to really give it a cafe look and I'm not sure what size shocks I should use. Any...
  17. H

    uncomfortable ride

    This is my first XS650 project. We live 4 miles on gravel. We lightened the bike to approximately 365 lbs. Love the performance/gas mileage, however, we bought the $80.00 shocks from MIKESXS and the bike is entirely too stiff. Momma won't ride!!! This is low budget gravel road cruiser that runs...
  18. I


    - primary suspension parameters are stiffness, damping, sprung and unsprung mass, and tire characteristics - suspension setup is pretty vital, some factors affecting it are tyres and tyre pressure wheel bearings steering head and swingarm bearings fork brace spokes wheel alignment...
  19. H

    rear shocks

    hey guys and gals! so im new here and hope to be able to obtain a little info. i just bought a 1975 XS650 and would like to lower the rear a bit w/o going hardtail. any suggestions????:confused: