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79 XS650 Hardtail build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by topshelf333, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Hey guys,

    Just thought i would post some pictures of my current build progress as it stands. I have been so busy between my day job, and in the powder booth, that i haven't had any time to work on my bike until this last week.

    Finally got the rear fender mostly mounted up. Spent a fair amount of time fabricating the struts. Needed to be heavy duty enough for a passenger. ( just need to finish the right side strut) Also, my Cole Foster tank arrived, so i made quick work of fabbing (not fapping :laugh:) up some tank mounts, and finally got this thing looking like a motorcycle again. :rock:

    Let me know what you guys think. :cheers:

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  2. fredintoon

    fredintoon Fred Hill, S'toon. Top Contributor

    Hi topshelf,
    since you ask, I think it looked like a '79 XS650 that needed tank paint, a seat cover and the rototiller bars swapped for bars with better ergonomics.
    Now it looks like yet another OC Choppers knockoff and it's still got those horrible handlebars.
  3. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Yeah it did look like a 79 xs650, which is why i wanted to change it, because it was hideous. Not sure where you are getting an occ vibe. Its not 20ft long with flames, custom billet wheels, and a bunch of retarded shit all over it. Its just going to be a kick only, somewhat old school stripped down bobber.

    I was more looking for constructive criticism, not someone to bitch about stuff they don't like. :wtf:
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2016
  4. fredintoon

    fredintoon Fred Hill, S'toon. Top Contributor

    Hi topshelf,
    you didn't ask for constructive criticism, you asked what I thought and that's what I posted.
    If you wish to descend to personal abuse, the only retarded shit on the bike is the guy who removed the rear suspension.
    I can even do constructive criticism:- rubber mount everything that can be.
    The engine vibration will fatigue off just about anything that's hard-bolted onto the frame.
  5. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Topshelf, don't sweat it.....some members have a hard time accepting bikes of anything other than there personal preference. Furthermore forgetting this is a forum put together for all 650's alike, and a website created on a dime that didn't come outta there pocket. You're more than welcome here, you just gotta take a lump from to time to time....

    And since I know Fred will want to reply with some witty quip, I'll just say it like it is. Please don't be rude to members, it's not a good look.
  6. fredintoon

    fredintoon Fred Hill, S'toon. Top Contributor

    Hi figure8,
    well, he started it - - -
    Although "OC knockoff" was unwarranted, as topshelf sez, his bike is not 20' feet long with custom wheels etc.
    How about "Yet another hardtail"?
    Although if topshelf's spinal column is as tender as his feelings he won't be riding it too far, eh?
  7. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    I dig your bike topshelf333. That fender isn't my favorite,but to each his own.
    I like the whitewalls and what you did with the wheels. The Foster tank is bitchin.
  8. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Fred, I really don't care what he calls his thread. That's an interesting way to backpedal but still insult the guy....I guess you live with it so no skin off my back.
  9. Copterpilot_57

    Copterpilot_57 XS650 Member

    Top shelf, the bike looks great! Continue to post up-dates.. I love the drilled wheels and whites its a nice combination.. I am new to the forum but have followed it for years (really good site).. All forums have a turd or 2 that enjoy criticizing anything that's not original.. To compare your metric bobber to an OCC bike tells you the guys a smart *ss with nothing to do.. Got NO respect for a turd!

    I would like to hear more about the 2-1 intake and carb your using and paint color??
  10. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    My point is there is no reason to be a prick. I've never been anything but respectful to everyone on here, and so should you. Also, since when is this site not about constructive criticism? It seems that some people have forgotten why this site is here.
  11. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Copterpilot, the intake is a stainless counter balance cycles 2 -1 intake. Carb is a mikuni VM36. As far as paint goes, the bike is going to be 100% powder coated, as i own a powder shop here is MN. Plan is to go illusion blueberry, and gloss black. Havent decided on decals yet.

    Thanks for your input guys. Not sure how much i like the fender either, but for now it stays. Will see what i think when i get a seat mounted up.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2016
  12. Copterpilot_57

    Copterpilot_57 XS650 Member

    What part on MN are you in?
  13. Copterpilot_57

    Copterpilot_57 XS650 Member

    My current bike came out of Austin MN..
  14. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    There is a red triangle below your handle, when you click on this it will open a window to the moderators.

    This can be used for many reasons and should be used when someone feels they are being trolled or abused. The moderators can clean up the thread and remove offending posts as well.

    Using this feature also helps the moderators to keep the site running in a harmonious environment for all and also stops other posters getting involved and dragging on a situation. This also helps to keep a lid on serial offenders

    If you don't want your thread to descend into a cluttered up mess then it is your responsibility to do this as well. Moderators do not look at every thread.
  15. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast


    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. :thumbsup:
  16. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Btw copterpilot i like the look of your bike. Its sick. I do offer powder coating discounts for everyone on the XS650 forum. Always happy to help out members who are looking to save a little cash. I actually posted a thread with some images, and information a while back. Otherwise we can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/magnetikote, and on instagram @MagnetiKote. My personal instagram is @topshelf333, which is where i post more frequent updates on my bike, and other projects.
  17. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Also looking for a little input on powder color selection for my frame. I'm trying to decide if i want to do the frame in gloss black with clear for a wet black look, or if i want to do the frame in illusion blueberry along with the fender and tank. What do you think guy?

    Thanks for your input.:bike:
  18. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    I'm 50/50 when the tins and frame match. Could be cool though...
  19. topshelf333

    topshelf333 XS650 Enthusiast

    Yeah, just don't know if it will look to gaudy or not. Either way we stock the powder, so if i go blue, and don't like it, its not a huge deal to swap to black with the clear. Not a big fan of bright colors, but decided it would kind of be a show piece for the business to showcase the kind of wild colors we can do. Decisions, decisions...

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