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Charging system swap question

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XS650_Bobber, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    Hi, I am in the process of buy the parts to make the swap to my bike, I just buy the banshee adaptor, I just have to make the payment for the plate adaptor, my question is about the rotor and the stator, can I use from differents brand or models of this last two parts? I mean, if I buy a yamaha stator can I buy a honda rotor?

    Thanks for the help...
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  2. I'm unsure what you mean bc the rotor is a banshee rotor...

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  3. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    Hi, I buy already the XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Conversion from Hugh, I buy too a Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee Ricky Stator Adj Timing Plate, my question is, if I buy a Honda FLYWHEEL ROTOR I have to buy a STATOR GENERATOR for Honda too or I can buy differents brands but this brands match this list?

    YAMAHA (ESR080)
    Honda CBR600 F1 86-90
    Honda VF500 84-85
    Kawasaki VN800 Vulcan 00-05
    Kawasaki VN800 Classic 01-06
    Kawasaki VN800 Drifter 01-05
    Kawasaki ZL600 86-87
    Kawasaki ZX600, ZX-6 Ninja, ZZR600 85-04 [!!NOT ZX6-R, ZX6-RR 98+!!]
    Suzuki VS800 92-07
    Suzuki VX800 90-93
    Suzuki VZ800 97-04
    Suzuki LT250 91-96
    Suzuki LT4WD 91-96
    Suzuki LT-F4WD 91-98
    Yamaha XV250 Route66 88-90
    Yamaha XT600 90-95
  4. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    I just win in ebay a new 2002 KAWASAKI ZX600 / ZX-6R NINJA STATOR GENERATOR, I have to buy a rotor for kawasaki or if I buy a Honda rotor will fit?
  5. XSRob

    XSRob XS650 Enthusiast

    You must use the YFZ350 Banshee flywheel.
  6. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    Ok... I got it now... :doh: I can use any type of the stator of the list, but I have to use the YFZ350 flywheel...


    Now, can someone point me in what kind of puller I need to take off the original rotor in my xs?
  7. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

  8. If you bought the kit from hugh it includes everything you need. Unless you just bought the stator plate adaptor...
  9. XSRob

    XSRob XS650 Enthusiast

    You will also need the woodruff key for the flywheel.

    Yamaha part 90280-05033 is good.
  10. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    That is right, but I cant expend that amount right now, I buy all already, the plate adaptor, the bunshee timming and the stator, I just need the rotor and the woodruff key, thanks Rob, I forget that little piece, I was thinking in make it from a piece of metal. Rob, I make a faster search in ebay and I cant find it for the number of part, I saw some keys for differents models of bikes, any idea of wich one can fit in the xs?

  11. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    I just find the key in bikebandit...
  12. You don't need the woodruff key.... It really doesn't matter much with the PMA setup.
  13. drewbaby88

    drewbaby88 XS650 Addict

    How do you keep the rotor from spinning free on the crankshaft without the woodruff key?
  14. it's tapered, once you tighten it down it doesn't move. The real only reason you would "need" to key the rotor is to do timing marks for future reference.
  15. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    Thanks... You save some money... :D
  16. mrriggs

    mrriggs XS650 Junkie

    The key is only used to index the rotor on the crank before the nut is tightened. One you tighten the nut, the taper is what holds the rotor on. That is why you need a puller to remove it.

    There is very little load on the rotor, certainly not enough to spin it on the crank. One horsepower = 746 watts. So if the alternator is producing 200 watts, that is equal to about 1/4 horsepower. The alternator is not 100% efficient so lets say that it takes 1/2 horsepower from the engine to produce 200 watts of electricity. At 4000 rpm, the torque on the rotor is only about 8 INCH-pounds.

    The only reason you would want a key is if you are planning to remove the rotor many times, as it will save you from having to remark TDC each time. However, you will need to mark TDC the first time you install it, whether you have a key or not, and this alternator is so reliable that you will likely never need to remove it. Even if you do, it only takes a couple minutes to draw a new TDC line.
  17. Thanks, Riggs. You're the one who taught me.. :-D Glad you could throw out the figures b/c I don't know them and didn't feel like looking them up lol
  18. XS650_Bobber

    XS650_Bobber Working in my project

    Thanks for all this tips...

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