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fork oil change?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by doubletrouble, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. doubletrouble

    doubletrouble XS650 Enthusiast

    First let me say thank you to everyone for sharing all this info. This site has been a huge help to me as I'm going through my 81 XS650H project I picked up recently. I had the same bike in the mid 80's and always regretted selling it. I wish you guys were around then!!
    Heres a few unanswered questions i have:
    1. The origional title had the bike as a 1981 "XS650H-R"does anyone know what this "R" was about? When I got my new title the "R" was not there.
    2. to change the fork oil: is it just a matter of taking out the top bolt(which has the flat head skrew inside of it) and pulling the drain plugs,then pushing down on the handlebars to work the old oil out. put the plugs in and add the propper amout of oil,then reinstall the top bolt? Is there any adjustments to be made with the skrew in the bolt or anything else i'm missing? the forks are a bit of a mystery to me. The manual isn't clear.

    thanks again for this site!!
  2. inxs

    inxs xx

    - raise front wheel off ground .. axle stand is good
    - loosen pinch bolts .. remove rubber caps
    - loosen the fork cap
    - put a container under each fork and remove the drain screws-dont get on disc unit
    - when about empty pump the forks to get the rest out
    - install drain screws .. check gasket
    - remove caps - put between 164-172 mls oil in each side..same ammount in each
    - pump slowly
    - check o-rings and install fork caps .. 36 ft-lb
    - do up pinch bolts .. 7 ft-lb
  3. inxs

    inxs xx

    - forgot...the 'R' i have no idea about
    - the screw in the cap is the spring-tension adjuster
  4. Sometimes states will add their own "coding" to help designate the type of bike or for other reasons. For example, in Minnesota bike over a certain age are titled as "Make RS". So all the Yamaha XS650s are titled as "Yamaha RS". I've been told it stands for Road/Street. A lot of times on Minneapolis Craigslist, I'll see bikes listed as a 1981 Yamaha RS and it's actually an XS650 because the seller didn't know what they had an just read it off the title. I wouldn't worry about the R. It might have just been an old coding system or something.
  5. jmcgowan

    jmcgowan XS650 Enthusiast

    What part of MA are you from DoubleTrouble ? I grew up in North Andover before moving to NH.
  6. doubletrouble

    doubletrouble XS650 Enthusiast

    south shore but I would love to move to N.H.
  7. jmcgowan

    jmcgowan XS650 Enthusiast

    One of my sisters lives in Beverly...very nice area. Get out of New England all together, the southwest is really nice. I can honestly say I do not miss snow at all.
    Cliff7 likes this.
  8. jmcgowan, what about the cold? it's -5 F here right now.
  9. jmcgowan

    jmcgowan XS650 Enthusiast

    I just took my dog for a long walk, and I'm sweating. It's gotta be close to 80 out there. I saw people laying by their pools, and some were actually swimming.
  10. doubletrouble

    doubletrouble XS650 Enthusiast

    inxs,thanks for the help! When I'm reinstalling the top bolts,is there any adjustments with the spring-tension adj. skrew or do I just leave it where it is?
    Also, why loosen the pinch bolts?

    2nd day of snow here...about 15 inches of snow on the grass, yesterdays heating oil bill was $463(2 months worth). Pond hockey;ice fish,build an igloo for the kids; and best of all-roast the chestnuts by the fire with a cold one! I love winter!!
  11. inxs

    inxs xx

    - if youre happy with the fork operation leave the tension - make sure the settings are the same

    - release the top pinch bolts so there is no pressure put upon the internal threads

    - ice fishing and hot chestnuts - good combo:thumbsup:
  12. jmcgowan

    jmcgowan XS650 Enthusiast

    I always wanted to try ice fishing, but I never knew what to use for bait... what does ice eat ?
  13. danno

    danno XS650 Addict

    Not to mention that it is exhausting cutting a hole big enough for the boat...
  14. Two guys were ice fishing and not having much luck. Pretty soon a guy went by on a snowmobile and he had a whole bucket of fish on the back. One guy says to the other one "that's why were not catching anything, we're not trolling!"
  15. wurlzy

    wurlzy XS650 Member

    Sorry guys, here's a simple one for you no doubt.....but but I can't work it out!!

    How exactly do you get into the top of the forks to add oil??
    Two black caps come of to reveal the large hollow nuts, 20/22 mm at a guess??
    Inside the hollow nuts are the three stage adjusters with the large flat blade screw.

    Which does what to get access to the internals??
    I don't want to put excess force on anything until I know.

    79 Special.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. danxs650mass

    danxs650mass XS650 Enthusiast

    hey i live in rowley mass and its almost warm enuff to ride here but to get the fuild in you have to take the top off of the fork leg thats how i did my 72
  17. inxs

    inxs xx

    - wurlzy...do you have something like this?

  18. Is it only me? Do other people wonder if there is a picture of any part on a XS 650 that INXS does not have a picture of ? What a guy! :thumbsup: Blue
  19. TSinOK

    TSinOK One of those XS guys

    Thank goodness he does. He needs to compile them into a post called XS pics for dummies. :thumbsup:

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