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Motorcycles you've owned

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Travis, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. mick71b

    mick71b Kick Start Only

    '72 Penton 175 Jackpiner Still have it
    '73 Elsinore 125 Sold
    '74 MX 250 Lunched trans Sold
    '75 MX 250 B Pogo stick Sold
    '75 Ossa 250 Super Pioneer :shrug: Sold
    '76 TY 175 PYT bought it and rode the wheels off it :thumbsup:
    '76 XL 350 Still have it
    '77 YZ 80 All the kids around learned clutch control on it. Still have it and it still rips
    '78 YZ 250 E STOLEN :cussing:
    '78 KTM 250 MC5 Still have it
    '80? KTM 420 GREAT woods bike. Low first, tall sixth. :eek: Sold
    '81 Suzuki SP 500 One of my faves. Rock broke the case, found out when it seized :wtf:
    '84 XT 250 Needed to be street legal :mad: SOLD
    '87 YZ 490 T LOUSY woods bike. ER Doc knew my name :yikes: Sold
    '89 RM 250 Local kid worked his a** off to buy that one. Sold :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    '94 DR 350 Old and slow, just like me. Perfect! Still own it
    '97 KTM EXC 200 LE Jackpiner. Still have it.
    '?? Chinese 70 First step before the 80 :shrug:

    '55 KH Harley project. Flathead top, sporty bottom. Pro built engine done. Bobber?
    '67 Norton Atlas. POS sold cheap years ago :banghead:
    '71 DS7. 250 twin "why is there a hole in my piston"? Traded for XS1b :D
    '71 XS1b. See above
    '73 Norton 850 Roadster. Lights out again Sold, not so cheap.
    '74 FXE AlMostFinished Sold
    '79 XS650 SF First street bike. Bought it brand new. Sold
    '81 "Exciter". Bike is gone and so is she
    '81 FXE Much better bike than the '74 Still have it
    '82 XJ 650 Seca. Bought it new. Great bike. Sold it to my freind. Still around and clean
    '83 XJ 900 Seca Sold (flip)
    '87 Ducati Paso 750 Great sounds, but parts are rare. Still own it
    '89 FJ 1200 REALLY Great bike. Daily rider Stillown it
    '78 XS bitsa. Stuck non matching number pile with papers :umm:
    Got my first bike when I was 17. Proud to say I worked and paid for every one. Nobody else in my entire family but me had even the slightest interest in them even to this day. Thanks to Frog for that! :cheers:

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