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T.C. Bros now offering a PMA?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by littlebill31, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Tomterrific

    Tomterrific XS650 Junkie

    I've been impressed by what Hugh has brought to the XS market. It's about time someone offers kits to do for what only a few can fabricate on their own. Still, I can remember clever folks making up a PMA for themselves out of odd parts long before I saw Hugh doing it. I don't think anyone should point fingers and say TC Bros copied Hugh except in marketing a PMA unit. The best thing about Hugh is his friendship to the XS community and that is the reason I'd buy from him over another.

    Don't forget www.650central.com either. Michael Morse has given much lnowledge to the XS community and has a great business also.

    Tom Graham
  2. FastColt

    FastColt XS650 Addict

    Im still baffled as to how mikes can even run a business successfully with out a working phone lol. Id want to offer as much customer support for my products as humanly possible....
  3. littlebill31

    littlebill31 Smells of Raw Fuel

    I'm pointing the finger at the bracket and maker of the kit, not directly at TC Bros. The bracket looks pretty freaking close, if not the same, as Hugh's. There is a thread on here, from a while ago, that tells the story of how his items were bought and then the buyer started to market them. That's what I'm pointing at. Mr.Riggs made a bracket as well, but it didn't look the same. And "odd" parts don't look identical to Hugh's kit. It's a well know fact.
    It's also a well know fact about all the R&D Hugh put into that bracket and the total PMA kit.
    I also didn't know the XS used a CDI. It uses a TCI. Can't even get that right.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2011
  4. timbeck

    timbeck XS650 Junkie XS650.com Supporter

    Hugh is the best---He worked with me when I was stupidly confused about the PMA wiring.
  5. flyguyeddy

    flyguyeddy XS650 Member

    no slight against hugh at all, but the xscharge adapter definately reminds me more of the mrriggs adapter than hughs setup (which is far easier to get and does the job just as well as the mrriggs adapter)
  6. tonyc

    tonyc XS650 Guru

    I have received help from Mr. Riggs, Pamco Pete, Hugh and others on the forum. I have used their ideas and adapted them to my BSA and other bikes. I will continue to support these gurus of xs650. Original ideas are very rare because the thought had to come from necessity. If someone adds to these adeas it does not make them theives. Would I choose the the other PMA no. I have one of Hughe's, Mr. Rigg's, and one of Mike Morse from Central. I plan to by one of Pamco's 277 ignition when I sell a few things.
  7. imcgyver

    imcgyver XS650 Member

    Hello: does Hugh (Punkskalar) have a website or means of more info on his PMA and any other product(s) or info?
    Thank you for your time and response.
    Stock 1981 Special II
  8. imcgyver

    imcgyver XS650 Member

    Hello: I found his site.
    Thank you for your time and response.
    Stock 1981 Special II
  9. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    you got my support. I hate lazy ripoff scumbags. When I get my PMA it will come from hugh for sure.
  10. hooktool

    hooktool XS650 Junkie

    Hugh, you should add those links as a sig at the bottom of your posts. :)

  11. mrriggs

    mrriggs XS650 Junkie

    How can you say that this...


    doesn't look different than this...


    Rick Page designed his bracket from scratch, it is completely unique and shares absolutely no design features with the adapter that Punkskalar is selling.

    As for the idea of adapting Nippon Denso alternator components to the XS650, that has been public domain for a decade or more. Nobody owns that, it can't be stolen.
  12. littlebill31

    littlebill31 Smells of Raw Fuel

    I retract my statement.
  13. jchrisk1

    jchrisk1 XS650 Junkie

    Mr. Riggs, you are correct. I can't say they look the same now that I see it without the stator sitting on it. I made an assumption, and we all know what that does. As I followed this thread, I realized that this idea can't be stolen as it is only parts off of other bikes being used.
  14. justin

    justin XS Monger

    Not to mention i have seen CAD drawings for plates practically identical to Hughs for years, All this is nothing new. Just nice that different sources are packaging it up for us. Last thing i want is LESS people making parts for our bikes. Nothing wrong with competition.

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