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What have you done to your XS today?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by I am Carbon, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. CoastsideXS650

    CoastsideXS650 Princeton Motor Works

    931C6B4B-8AED-4AB7-98F1-B94EA62BBB3D.jpeg 00C0D749-CA53-40B7-8B3F-07CD082184B7.jpeg ADCE1EA6-B127-41BB-89C7-20C5A200236B.jpeg 3062CDA4-F96F-47E7-BCB4-4C7955227A18.jpeg 489DD5B4-57FC-4886-A6A9-35B0B7BC6756.jpeg DEFD51BB-5A55-4365-87E5-34061B63522B.jpeg Wasn’t today but the last few weeks I have been rebuilding my motor and trying my hand at high temp engine paint. It’s the rattle can stuff from Rustoleum. Baked it in the oven as directed. I’m pleased with the results.
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  2. TimG

    TimG XS650 Enthusiast

    Those look great TZ, glad they are working out for you! The bike is looking real nice. I agree with your neighbor, the gold blends well.
  3. TimG

    TimG XS650 Enthusiast

    4DDEA0EA-2F2B-4EF8-947C-421AFDDDDFA0.jpeg 7E5AAC7A-7086-4C60-AF30-C230FA916753.jpeg 99F33F72-4E18-49A6-9198-85F8358CB4A9.jpeg
    When your tired of sanding and you are about to say, “looks good enough”....your usually half way there.
    This tank has been to war and back.
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  4. Jim

    Jim I have a plan. It's something to deviate from. Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    Oooff.... yeah... multiple tours I'd say. :rolleyes:
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  5. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Addict

  6. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Addict

    6BEEF72E-6BA0-47E6-9DE8-A9262994766B.jpeg Couldn't help but take a picture of my employers motorcycle parking this morning. I call this piece “3 Yams”
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  7. azman857

    azman857 '80 XS 650SG Rider Top Contributor

    I finished What I had started last night. The installation of the Windynations 3 phase rectifier. Double checked the polarity connections. Finished the installation with the air filters fitted, then the seat. A delay with the problem of the voltmeter and USB charging ports. Loose wire. Fixed. It's bike night at the Barrio Brewery tonight, so the tire pressures were checked. Been meaning to do that anyway because the last few rides the SG had been handling funny. They were low. Inflated to where they needed to be. Started the SG and the Voltmeter showed proper responses. Voltages were as before, so was it worth it? Yes. I'm keeping the old, full wave rectifiers as spares. The ride to bike night was uneventful. This is a good thing. A lot of regulars were there and a couple new ones. a pre 40's Indian and a 40's H-D Knucklehead chopper. Both looked freshly done. Would have loved to stuck around to see them leave but, had to find dinner. Then to take the long way home.
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  8. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Addict

    Well, I’m about 30 minutes outside of town. Took the bike to accompany my ex picking my daughter up from camp. I tried using the starter for convenience to move the bike from a parking spot on a gravel lane, and got just a click. Agreed to go to dinner with the ex and kids. The bike started sputtering on the highway like I was out of gas. I turned off the headlight and it stopped. Minutes later we stopped to eat. Still eating, so I hope I get home.
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  9. ThatXS650Guy

    ThatXS650Guy More Sparky than Speed Racer XS650.com Supporter

    Bummer. How old is the battery?
  10. Ratranger

    Ratranger XS650 Junkie Top Contributor

    Sounds like charging system if it's losing power while riding.
  11. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Addict

    Okay, made it home with the lights off. Tried starting it with the starter in my parking stall and it tried a few times, but then completely died to where it wouldn’t kick over. And this is the new AGM battery I installed I think less than two weeks ago. What I don’t get is why I was able to ride about 500 miles before it died. Could this be indicative of a failing rotor? Is it generating a current, but just enough juice to almost match what the bike uses, so that over time it slowly drains? Oh yeah, also, I forgot to mention in my first post that I blew up another speedo. That’s my third speedo. Saw the needle start to get erratic. Then the face plate started vibrating badly. Then the right screw popped out and was blasting around like popcorn. Then inevitably the left screw came out and the face plate rotated around and along with the screws broke the needle into three pieces. Patience and resources for this adventure are about spent for the year.
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  12. lakeview

    lakeview XS650 Guru Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    Wrong Red Line, Right Background.

    At the Arkansas Rally the screws backed out of the tach faceplate on my '76. At home, put another one on. Needle spun like a dervish.
    Intending a quick fix and since this one had wires out of it that matched my application, on it went. At idle 1200 indicated, motor sounded right and a rev makes the needle move around the dial so maybe this will last me the rest of the summer. Thinking it is from a 750.

    Attached Files:

  13. Machine

    Machine Race the wind Top Contributor

    Good news that you made it ! It’s clear that your bike does not like your ex?
    How are you blowing up speedos ? IDK
  14. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Yeah I think you have definite charging issues. It sounds like you’ve been running at a total loss and it just took that long to flatten your new battery, or you are not charging a sufficient amount to run your bike and ALSO your lights, and so you are still draining your battery, just a little bit slower. You may have already said this previously but how many volts does it show at your battery when the bike is running? Should be about 14.5 volts.
  15. Superjet

    Superjet XS650 Junkie Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    On board volt meter is a must on these bikes. I look at mine all the time to make sure I will make it home.
  16. tzimmerm

    tzimmerm XS650 Addict

    I haven't done any electrical testing. I know that’s on me. I have a digital voltmeter I bought years ago when I was building the chopper, but have not learned how to use it yet. Once we’re all done moving and settled in the new house, hopefully I can start going over things. I just really don’t have the time or money right now to do anything more. At least I’ll have a garage to work in and a nice workshop in the basement for engine rebuilding. I am so excited; years ago I never could have imagined living in such a nice house. I am lucky to be where I am; even if I have some dragons to slay on the bike, I HAVE a nice old bike, and a house. I really can’t complain
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  17. Today, under the watchful eye of the King, I went back to work on the Queen (shes not the bitch anymore). Points, plugs, plug caps and a whole lot of kicking shes running again. Time for a Becks and a nap. I P1000926.JPG P1000927.JPG think i'll clean up later.
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  18. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    John, you got any photos from when you had the bike originally back in the 70’s ? That would make a really excellent entry into our new Before and After thread!
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  19. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    Noticed you have changed to chrome cups. In one pic can see the lip of the cup between the speedo bezel and the cup.............This looks like the rubber damper is in poor condition and not doing its job..............this would be a major cause of screws unscrewing and damage............The only reason the needle can jump all over the place would be the face plate rubbing against the needle shaft and slowing down the needle, the needle is driven by a magnet so their is not a connecting drive from the where the cable goes into the speedo to the drive that moves the needle
    Photo114 copy.jpg

    Your pretty handy these days.............Bottom of the first post is a how to replace the Cup damper with a home made method...........or go to post #6 and there will be a link to a factory replacement rubber
  20. Mailman, I have no old photos from the '70s, floods and such. I still have a few memories of females enjoying the old shaker and I'm really hoping to retain these. john
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