advance unit

  1. J

    ignition advance unit missing

    Hi XS650 fans, I am new here but i ran out of search options on google. I have 1892 XS650 that i bought as a barn find. This is my first xs650 so there is some learning curve for me. I have two manuals and both say that i have to remove the ignition advance unit, the rod and so on. I want to do...
  2. Robert Dell Aquila

    Cam chain timing?

    Hi yall, hopefully you guys can help me finally get my bike running.I have a 78' 650-E 277 rephased. I believe that my camchain timing is off. I put the timing marks at TDC and looked behind the advanced unit and the dowel pin in the cam. It seems to be off not by too much but enough. I also...
  3. T

    Oil/gas leaking from advance unit

    Hi, I would like to preface this by saying that I was unable to find a similar problem after scanning the forums for several days, so I sincerely apologize if this a repeat question. Here are my current issues (recently started) with my'74 xs650, listed in order of my notice. 1...
  4. stevoman88

    Should I buy a PAMCO?

    Hello, So recently my advance unit broke as the nut was not tightened all the way down. As I have found out an advance unit is hard to come by. Is another alternative to switch to a PAMCO kit? And this gets rid of the points is my understanding. 1974 xs650, PMA kit, bobbed out, all new wiring...
  5. stevoman88

    Help!!!! Advance unit broken.

    While riding I heard something drop on the right side..... the advance unit got completely torn up and needs replacing. Does anyone know where I can pick one up new, used, aftermarket.... anything helps. I cant find one anywhere. I dont need the rod just the unit itself. 1974 xs650 THANK YOU!
  6. Jawknee21

    What happens if i dont use an advance unit?

    I bought my xs with a pamco already installed and it didnt have the advance unit. it seemed to run fine, and i rode it for a few months with no advance. What does it do if i dont have one? its an 83...
  7. pnedac

    Just replaced the advance unit springs and still stuck open???

    Any help is appreciated. I just got the new spring replacement set from MikesXS because I owuld hit the throttle and the advance would stay open. I figured that since the bike only has 5000 original miles that it must be because the part is just old and worn out, but now that I put brand...