1. abert

    TCI system worth replacing?

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and have been reading a bunch and don't see much about the TCI ignition system in particular. I just picked up a 1980 xs that has been mostly stripped and caffe'd. It ran well when I got it, carbs recently cleaned, and I have been riding it for about a month. It...
  2. J

    Missfire/backfire on right muffler

    Just recently bought a 1975 Yamaha xs650 that was sitting for sometime to assume. I cleaned the carb and out new plugs in. The old plugs were horrible with black carbon covering them probably from running too rich. No matter how I've tuned it stalls and won't run smooth and needs alot of help!
  3. Port

    Intermittent backfire during acceleration

    I am trying to diagnose a strange new backfire/stumble issue i have Specs: 1981 XS650 SH with Ganzo Box ignition BP7ES plugs 0.035" gaping High output coil from Mikes Carbs are well synced Stock air boxes Stock jetting (i believe) Was running with no issue on a PAMCO before the Ganzo...
  4. MadMax1996

    Makuni VM34 Carbs = Backfire / Throttle Hang

    Yesterday I had swapped my failing BS38 carbs for brand new pre-jetted Makuni VM34 roundslide carbs. The fuel is now running through 2 fuel lines - each going tank to carb separately with shutoff valves and fuel filters in between. It seems to be running well enough to head down the road...
  5. Lickfold

    Help me with my Built dream project bike 1972 XS2650

    Hey Xs's dependant people i'm Lickfold 28 years young new member from Portugal and here's my project as detailed as i can so hopefully you wizards can think with me and help me achieve less wrenches and more km's ! -1972 XS2 650 - HISTORY-> It's been 3 years of a love affair... Scrapyard...
  6. NorazDad

    Three system failures

    Hey Guys This for us "old pensioners" you know who we are... Just to review: 81H, HHB PMA, pamco, E adv, leds all around, vdo perm volt meter, ko, no relays or switches other than ignition and run. Rebuilt top end with Mikes jug kit 500mi ago. Story: Went for a hundred mile run. Some through...
  7. O

    Can't figure out misfire!!!!!! WTF

    Ok so I have a rephrased xs650 hhb charging system pamco ignition no battery Been fucking with this bike for 2 months and I'm ready to beat the thing with a hammer... Running b34 mikuni carbs jetted for open pipes and air pods they are clean,it is timed correctly it only starts with the throttle...
  8. Y

    Help! back fire and kick back, my XS650 doesn't start!

    Hi legends, I have a 78 XS650, I was riding the XS for a while but it started white smoking from exhaust, and it is gradually getting hard to start the engine. I had backfire from carb and kick back badly. So I decided to install new VM34 carb and rebore the cylinder with brand new 2nd over...
  9. XS650-Spark

    Downhill = backfire and fouled plugs

    Hi, I'm Looking for some ideas on why this could be happening... Problem: It runs great until I go down a long steep hill and then the bike begins to hesitate, then backfires and eventually dies. It doesn't matter if I'm on or off the throttle. Every time I find both spark plugs are fouled. I...
  10. RyanTaylorTattoo

    Kick Back and Terrible Backfire

    My set up: '80 xs650 PAMCO with E-ADVANCE PMA (not hughs,was already installed on motor, but i do have one new in a box for another motor if i need to switch for some reason) BATTERYLESS system dual output coil mikuni vm34s open 1 1/2" exhaust Just finished my bike and it was doing just fine...
  11. Stumpedchump

    Ongoing Charging/weak spark problem 83xs650

    Hi all. It's an 83 xs650 with 13k on it. I've had an issue with this bike since I got it. When I first bought it, it didn't run. needed a new battery and the stator was fried. Replaced them both and have been riding it since though whenever I come to a stop after it's been warmed up it will...
  12. Jmiller057

    Help! Big trip this weekend! Left cylinder misfire/backfire

    1976 xs650. Stock points system Left cylinder has always had this issue but I want it reliable for this weekends trip. Left cylinder misfires and backfires a little when you rev it when let off. Right cylinder is dead on and never had an issue. Cam chain good Valves good Points good...
  13. RoccoStreetTracker

    Fixed short, kick start makes 4-5 backfires... it get's worse

    My bike has been sitting for almost two weeks since I had to wait for the glass 20A fuse to come in the mail. Fixed the shorts in the wiring for the tail and break light. When I fixed the shorts, I stuck the voltometer on battery and tested while revving. The volts jumped up and...
  14. J

    Coil short

    Hey guys I'm a little confused about what happened to my coil a few days ago. The right side exhaust in my bike since I got it running has had some backfire, nothing serious, or nothing too worrisome, until a few days ago. I was just pulling into second leaving my house When I heard an extremely...
  15. S

    Turns over use choke get backfire.

    I have a 78 xs 650. New to motorcycles. I've been trying to get it running with just a makeshift gas tank. I have good spark and gas but it just cranks over. Add a lil choke and loud backfire from both sides. Any help? Posted via Mobile
  16. mlucio

    Pamco ignition? Crazy backfire!

    Ok, so the other day I went to take my bike out. It was running fine, I went to fill up and and continue my ride. With a full tank of gas, about a thousand feet away from the station, my bike just shuts off. I've notices a slight issue with my gass cap, it's vented, but not venting properly. So...
  17. emzdogz

    small fart from gas (bike pops without me trying to start it)

    This was really weird. This morning before work while i was letting my dog out, I went over to my XS, which doesn't run yet. Yesterday I was able to get it to fire briefly once or twice and then no more. So this a.m. I get on the bike, turn key on and "blaaatttttttt!" - on its own...
  18. R

    Holy Backfire Batman

    You guys can check out my other thread about 72 rebuild and brakes, but I've just gotten my bike running after a complete top end rebuild and carb overhaul....Overall things were going good, after 2 years of not running. Some leaking oil around base gasket on left side and thats it so far that...
  19. B

    no choke required

    After a month in china final back in the states and had time to work on the bike. Got it running finally after the rebuild last fall. It seems to be running good except for a few minor issues. 1. I do not have to use the choke to start it unless it has been overnight or longer. During the day...