1. Travis

    My Tube Bender - Fully Hydraulic - Pro Tools 105 HD

    I mentioned in another thread that I would post pictures of my bender.. I built this last year. I spent a lot of time doing the math and researching hydraulic systems and benders to make sure everything I used would work well together and give me the speed and power I wanted. It's probably...
  2. B

    The Mad Max pipe bender.

    Don't works. I took an idea that another guy had on the J.J had. He used a small rear drum from a Jap car mounted to the hub. I grabbed a few chunks of tubing I had, a drum brake pad and a bunch of little scrap pieces. It took me about an hour to make. I was shocked that it...
  3. R

    Pipe/tube bender??

    What pipe/tube benders do everyone use? I was looking at this for exhaust bending? Waste of money??
  4. Travis

    Tube bender plans

    Thinking about building a hydraulic tube bender. Has anyone ever built one on the cheap? Anyone have any plans for one? Also interested in how to make very large radius bends in tubing.