boyer bransden

  1. X

    Poor running after rewiring...?

    Hey fellas, recently just finished wiring in a brand new harness. Before I completed the wiring I wired the ignition etc. in just to get the bike running, it ran really well and I had it tuned, timed and carbs synced to almost perfect. Throttle response great even in the cold and all the way...
  2. B_Crabaugh

    New member, first XS!

    Hi all, I have been reading a TON of threads over the last few weeks and decided to pull the trigger on a 1980 XS650. Amazing how much great info is on here! I got a great deal on the bike from Cycle Heap in Portland, OR The PO sold the bike to them because he couldn’t get a spark. When I...
  3. Niels Mouthaan

    Is my timing set correctly?

    A few weeks ago I removed my ignition (Boyer Bransden) on my XS650SJ ('83) because it's bleeding oil due a failing seal. I didn't know putting it back was influencing the timing (still learning). After putting it back, it bike was running fine although the RPMs went down a bit when running idle...
  4. Niels Mouthaan

    Engine stops suddenly, ignition issues?

    Hi, first post here and happy to see the activity of this forum. I have a 83' XS650SJ with a Boyer Bransden ignition that runs fine when warm. A few weeks ago my bike started acting strange as it stopped running while driving and in most cases after rolling out with the engine turned off it...
  5. A

    getting my bike running??

    hey just got my boyer kit setup how it tells you on the instructions, F mark on TDC and the white dot up the top, but i can't get it running fires and runs for 2 secs then stalls out if i have chokes on backfires out the carbs i have vm34's also, bike was running a few weeks ago with a morris...
  6. A

    HELP wiring a boyer coil

    hey I'm switching from a morris magneto to a boyer bransden kit, kit comes with everything. now my bike has a key but only for the lights on the back of the key it has 3 terminals one has constant power other is first click which powers all the lights besides headlight 2 click is headlight...
  7. A

    ignition help boyer, pamco?

    so i have a few questions, start from scratch my bike has a morris mag so has no coil, has battery for lights no kill switch etc etc, not sure what brand stator. now I'm wanting to get rid of the morris and go boyer ign my question is am i going to run into trouble with the wiring of the coil...
  8. phillycyclocross

    Boyer Bransden schematic

    I've done some searching on here for a schematic for a Boyer Bransden ignition setup but haven't had any luck. I did find one post that had a ton of schematics but after reading 14 pages of different types of schematics I gave up. Does anyone have one they can put up? Thanks