1. Muckroot

    "Used" Forks - need opinions

    Hello, I am talking with a guy in virginia about a set of forks he's got for (we think) an XS650. I'm interested in using just the forks, triple tree, bar clamps, and axle. I won't be using the fender, wheel, bars, or headlight brackets. I might use the hand controls but I haven't decided yet...
  2. sean colleary

    Wanted - xs650 for scrambler build

    hi guys im looking for a early xs650 im just getting into thees bikes and i want to make a scrambler for all the awesome trails out here in CO. i actually race supermoto some speedway and mini moto out here in denver so im looking for something for just fun. im currently selling my 02 sv650 i...
  3. SLYrider491

    need advice on buying a couple bikes... are they worth it

    Hey guys im a proud owner of a 80 special bobber daily rider. i love it but i cant say that i built it , i just brought it back to being road worthy.:bike: i wanna get a ground up project going so i could make one how i want it. i also want something i can tear into to learn more about...
  4. J


    Long time reader, first time poster. I've read a lot of stuff but haven't quite figured out the most important thing I think I should know. When buying an XS650, what are the main things I should look for/check out/ask about. Its going to be my first project/bike so I can't afford to get into...