1. imtaylors

    Throttle not "snapping back"

    Hey everyone! I am new here and also a proud new owner of a 1981 XS650. Love it. I needed to clean out the carb and replace some stuff, got a new cable (yes I lubed it up) and a new throttle sleeve and grips. My only thing is, it is not snapping back like it used to, and I am stuck, I have...
  2. Jcam

    Threaded throttle cable

    I am looking for a 10mm threaded throttle cable; preferably around 36". I have a 79 650 special. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    1972 Xs2 2-1 cable? Where can I find?

    I've been looking on Mike's but can't seem to find the cable that'll fit a set of stock carbs off a 1972 XS. Preferably extended and 2-1 to clean my bars up. Thanks!
  4. S

    cable diagram for 1972 xs2

    Can anyone pass on, if available, a diagram as to how the throttle cables are routed for a 1072 xs2? I had to replace my cables and wanted to know how they route to avoid any pinch points. Thanks.
  5. G

    What is the best clutch cable to buy?

    Can anyone tell me where to get a high quality clutch cable that will last a while? The one I bought from Mike's broke on me today and it had less than 600 miles on it. Good thing I wasn't too far from home. TIA.
  6. TeeCat

    Urgently need Mikuni VM36 help please...

    Guys, looking for a Mikuni god. I have a VM36-4 on the way... should be here tomorrow. Per this chart, it ships with a 310 main (4/042) and a 35 pilot (VM22/210). I need a 200 and a 25, respectively. Can't find them... ANYWHERE around here. Even if I get the carb tomorrow, I can't move...
  7. dr mac

    throttle cable/ cables

    Ok I need to buy some new throttle cable's . What is the best brand / make and where to get them . oh for a 73 tx , 75 xs, 78 xs, I see so many of ebay . Then mikes then , etc... thanks in advance