1972 Xs2 2-1 cable? Where can I find?


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Edmond, OK
I've been looking on Mike's but can't seem to find the cable that'll fit a set of stock carbs off a 1972 XS. Preferably extended and 2-1 to clean my bars up. Thanks!
I don't think there is a 2-1 cable being made for the old stock carbs. If there is, I'm not aware of it.
$&#%!? this '72 has been the biggest pain in my &$$ haha ok 5twins do you have a preference when it comes to carbs? This bike came in a box basically so I'm learning when it comes to putting it back together. I'm building a '70's style chop. I've got a motor from a '78 I might use instead.
I'm kind of a fan of stock carbs. If they're in good shape, I think they work just fine. I do prefer the '76 and later sets because they are linked and stay synced better/longer. They use just one throttle cable so that would be a way for you to achieve that.