custom cables

  1. Gcraay

    Speedometer 90 degree fitting

    I’m trying to bring my headlight bucket tight and high to the handle bars. But I could really use a connection that allows me to turn the cable. I see 90’s that attach to a car transmission, but not the back of a speedometer. Maybe I’m missing it, but... Please help.
  2. WPGxs650_brat

    Short Speedometer cable

    Not sure if this is the right spot on the forum to post this. After reading the different posts on how to shorten a speedometer cable, making or modding my speedometer cable myself is a no. Many people mention buying a shortened one. Does anyone know of a vendor that sells shortened cables that...
  3. S

    1972 Xs2 2-1 cable? Where can I find?

    I've been looking on Mike's but can't seem to find the cable that'll fit a set of stock carbs off a 1972 XS. Preferably extended and 2-1 to clean my bars up. Thanks!
  4. I

    XS650 clutch

    note...this is part 1 of a 5 part summary that i put together in order to understand a little about XS650 clutches...i have used photos in this series that i found on the net as well as my own - if anyone recognises theirs let me know and i will post credit for it - all accept my thanx for the...
  5. Travis

    Making throttle cables?

    Has anyone made their own cables? Any tips on soldering the ends on? I know you need to use silver solder. I have a 2 into 1 throttle cable for dual mikuni 34mm VM carbs, but I'd like to add 45 degree hard bends to the top of the carbs. I also want to modify the single cable to go into a...