2-1 intake setup - what throttle + cable?


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Hey everyone,

I recently installed my joe-wiseguy 2-1 intake manifold and vm36 carb, but I'm having some issues with the cable and throttle.

I'm using a Motion Pro 01-0249 cable and a Magura 314 throttle, but I'm having an issue where there is NO slack whatsoever (all cable adjusters are fully closed), and it's holding the throttle open as you can see in the one photo. I tried using my stock throttle instead of the Magura (same 01-0249 cable) but with the cable adjusters all the way extended there's still way too much free play (however it doesn't hold the carb slide open, which is better). Ideally I would like to not use the stock throttle, have a proper amount of free play, and have the carb slide close properly.

To anyone who is running a similar 2-1 intake setup, what throttle + cable combo are you using? Any tips or suggestions regarding my current setup?



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I would venture, your twistgrip system requires too much inner cable.
A normal twistgrip would probably solve the issue.
you could shorten the outer 1/4 to 1/2 inch and gain some slack.
Thanks @Rasputin!

Trimming the outer cable definitely makes sense, since it does indeed use a lot more inner cable to route around that Magura throttle “wheel”. There was just way too much slack with the stock throttle, so I think a different cable would be needed in that case.

I’ll look at that cable tomorrow and see about trimming it and report back.
That worked great!

I trimmed the cable housing at the throttle end approximately 1/2 inch. I used a dremel type tool to carefully cut the metal housing, and once it was almost through I broke it off using some pliers (to not risk cutting the inner cable). After the metal piece was free, I held it with pliers and cut lengthwise which separated the "rings" which I was then able to cut off using wire cutters. I also used some zipties to help protect the inner cable. A bit more work than I was hoping for (had to do the process twice since initially I didn't take off enough), but I didn't have to mess around with taking the inner cable out and re-soldering a tip on, so that was nice.

Now the throttle has just the right amount of free play 👌. Thanks again @Rasputin.


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Glad it worked.
just a tip. Once you have cut off the excess inner, hold it in two pairs of pliers and turn them in opposite directions this will/should open up the coils so you can cut the coils easier.
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