Throttle cable/idle adjustment vm34

Ok care to explain instead of leaving a cryptic message with measurements? Thought the point of this whole forum was to educate and inform people on these machines. Your not providing any insight. Just leave a sentence response and expect me to read your riddle. Apparently it does have to do with idle if it completely changes my idle situation.
I believe the cut away has more to do with transition/throttle response when the carb is operating on mains. Idle should be on the pilot jet and air mix adjustment AFAIK.
"The height that the 2.5 slides arc is cut to makes it a lot more open than the 2.0 even when the idle screw isn't screwed in all the way there's space for the engine to breath and I can finally use the carb how its intended to be used turning the mix screws have an effect as they should and the idle mix screws work properly."

For example, are you are speaking of the 36mm "cutaway" as in the drawing being a lot more open?
This does not control proper idle, it is the transition fuel/air circuit off-idle and before full needle jet flow, the 41mm dimension is the throttle edge.

Your throttle slides may have been modified.
Difference between cut-away numbers
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Yes I was talking about the 36mm cutaway that your referencing. I see what you mean. For some reason once i swapped the slides it idled as it should. Maybe something else was changed that i didn’t realize while swapping the slides? Still runs pretty well now i used those specs that pandemonium provided. I dont even have to truly tune it trying to find the right jet sizes.I just fiddled with the idle air screw and idle screw adjustment and good to go. Plugs read right in the middle.
Concentrate on idle, you are confusing us and yourself.

the 36mm cut away has zero influence on idle, kapeesh? ZERO