1. K

    Mikuni Throttle Plate / Butterfly Valve #135 Production Run

    Hello all! First post on here so bare with me. I have done some research into acquiring a very specific part, the #135 throttle plate, on the BS series Mikuni carbs and have come up short. I've read many posts of people looking for one only to be told that they no are longer manufactured and to...
  2. Noidea

    Throttle cable/idle adjustment vm34

    Hey all been a while since i posted on here but ive been around reading old threads finding answers through other people problems for the most part. Now I got my own set of questions that I haven’t found in other threads. (Please link me to others if I overlooked them) Ive got a 73 motor Hughes...
  3. Grimmith

    Wanted - 77650 D Throttle springs

    Not sure how to find these springs, I need the inside spring close to the right carb, and the spring on the outside left carb. I have parts I could trade if possible. The left spring is number 56 in the Haynes manual, the spring by the right carb isn't numbered in the manual. Maybe one of...
  4. jasidok

    Acceleration stutter. Full throttle denial. Ghetto rigged carbs.

    I’ve had this bike for a minute now. I inherited it after a dude got it running for the first time since ‘91. I cleaned the carbs. First time I’d ever done that, figured out what jets were. It kept leaking gas everywhere. The floats were all messed up. I said screw it. I bought the keihin carbs...
  5. Grimmith

    Any Hire For Engraving?

    next will be my forks, then my exhaust..I'm not anywhere close to being done with this ( hopefully done in a couple weeks) I used to carve wood, so I gave metal a try. I can definitely get better at it quickly. I won't charge much at all, I could even draw up some badass designs for future...
  6. muskallunge

    New Throttle Assembly, But Cable Too Short!

    Just to make sure I'm not losing my mind, I wanted to get a second opinion. I almost done with my first ever build so I'm a green horn. I have a '78 xs650 with bs38 Mikuni Carbs. I purchased a new throttle assembly from TC Bros. with the vintage grips. Bars are not taller so the stock...
  7. Jcam

    Threaded throttle cable

    I am looking for a 10mm threaded throttle cable; preferably around 36". I have a 79 650 special. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  8. wally_nd

    Wanted - BS34 throttle shafts and plates (butterflies)

    Looking for throttle shafts for XS650 BS34 carbs. I need the plate and shaft for the right carb for sure but will likely need both. My carbs are 1980 and I am assuming that all bs34's for xs650s were the same except for the floats.
  9. C


    I have 78 xs650, runs well. But recently when starting up and warmed up, the bike will stall when I give it any throttle. Any ideas?
  10. 6

    Trouble with mikesxs

    Anyone else have trouble with customer service from mikesxs? I need a simple throttle cable to fit vm34s but I cannot them to help me with the right part number. I hate to buy and return because of a 25% return fee plus shipping. They always come back with a vague email. Maybe they do not...
  11. J

    Was running perfect, now acceleration problems.

    So I recently finished rewiring my entire bike, kickstart only. She has been running great for the most part, just some problems at idle. So I went a tiny bit bigger on my pilot jets to help with the idle, also I was running a bit lean so I went form 125 main jet to 130. Then to finish the look...
  12. smiles79

    2-1 throttle cable

    Yes I seem to have been posting quite a bit lately, but I think I'm starting to figure things out :) I have a 1975 XS650 with two Mikuni VM34s. The previous owner put a 2-1 throttle cable on it (I know they come stock with two throttle cables) and just recently the cable coming out of the...
  13. 1lowdiesel

    Internal throttle and clutch... who's done it?

    Just sitting here at work brainstorming and was wondering who here has done an internal throttle and or clutch? I'm looking at the Demon cycle kit and it seems fairly straight forward. I'm more concerned with the internal clutch set up with making sure that there's enough leverage to...
  14. doctavee

    what kind of throttle gives a modern throw or feel

    i recently bought a tommaselli throttle on ebay and when i received it, it feels like the throw or pull just isnt as smooth as the one i have in there now which is a 10 dollar one i found at a swap meet. i think its because its metal to metal contact. im basically looking to get one that has...
  15. B

    How to get throttle sleeve in to the grip?

    Hey all, I know this sounds silly but how do i go about getting my throttle sleeve in to the grip (after market one from mikes). The problem im having is that the throttle sleeve appears to be a tiny bit too big to fit into the grip. If I force the sleeve on, then it gets about half way before...
  16. K

    Pamco installed, now RPM's shoot to the sky.

    Alright... I got a Pamco installed on the XS last night. The bike fired right up and sounds great at idle. Set the timing with a light and thought I was good to go. However, as soon as you crack the throttle, the RPM's shoot way up and hold steady. I'd say around 3k. They do not drop down...
  17. Jawknee21

    Ok, dumb question. Throttle sticking...

    I just got my first bike. 83 xs650. The throttle sticks sometimes and i have to twist it back cause it wont spring back. Is that just the cable? Or the whole throttle? Also, if i turn the throttle forward, it will make the spring work the opposite way. So it would accelerate by twisting...
  18. dr mac

    throttle cable/ cables

    Ok I need to buy some new throttle cable's . What is the best brand / make and where to get them . oh for a 73 tx , 75 xs, 78 xs, I see so many of ebay . Then mikes then , etc... thanks in advance
  19. rodemyyamaha

    2 into 1 throttle for 1975 bobber

    Building a bobber out of a 1975 xs. Http// I will have internal throttle and clutch. Has anyone done the internal 2 into 1 throttle cable? Need some guidance and ideas. Already have the 2-1 gizmo but am wondering about how to sync and cable adjustments. Thanks Ride Hard...