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Hello all! First post on here so bare with me.

I have done some research into acquiring a very specific part, the #135 throttle plate, on the BS series Mikuni carbs and have come up short. I've read many posts of people looking for one only to be told that they no are longer manufactured and to just buy another carb and recycle (which seems rather wasteful).
Personally, I have a rather nice set of BS34 inline-four carbs that would be viable if I had two more of these rare throttle plates, which lead me to wonder what is so crazy about them. I stumbled onto this forum and a post by TwoManyXS1Bs Link:
What I picked up from this great post is that the plates need to be a decent tolerance and have a bevel of 13.5 deg. to properly seat in the carb body. With the magic of 3D modeling, I was able to make a model that should be identical to what was made back in the 80's.
I have poked around at just having some machined out of aluminum 6061 or brass but getting only two seems to make it a bit uneconomical. Seeing that I must not be the only one, hopefully, in need of this specific throttle plate, I have come to the forums to ask the people: would this be something others are interested in? If so I would have them made and USPS them.
The price is still up in the air at this point as I would like to do some more research into material selection (aluminum is much cheaper, but then why not use it in the 80s?) but I have seen that two is usually about four or five times the cost of getting ten so the more the merrier. I am aiming for <$60 a plate if I can manage..
Let me know what you think!
I've always just scrounged them from other carbs. They were used in quite a few, even other brands like Suzuki.
BS38 throttle bores are prone to wallowing out. BS34 bores are not.
As you wrote, the tolerance needs to be decent. It does not need to be perfect.
I'll sell you as many perfectly decent 135 plates as you want for $13 each plus $5 shipping. Send me a PM if interested.
That would be lovely!
I would send you a PM but I'm a bit too new to the forum. Says here I can PM after 5 posts and this one is the first.
Could you PM me?