New-Old XS650 Journey - Carb exploring and wrong parts, pointers?


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Hello again everyone, I greatly appreciate the help this forum gives me, and I am having a blast exploring this bike. Now I need some more pointers, in my case some good quality vendors for these carb parts.

So, I believe I have discovered the source of my gasoline leakage out of my carb air intakes. I popped open the bottom of the carburetors to check on the brass float and float valve, (I also checked the top parts too to make sure the spring and black suction thingy were fine, which they were) and lo and behold-


Two different floats, two different float valves.

The thicker float was paired with the longer valve and is lighter than the other float, the longer valve has a stronger spring in it. I believe this prevented the valve from closing once the carb filled with gasoline, and I think I lost about a 1/4 tank of gas due to that.

I found some floats, but I can't find some float valves. I would rather all these parts be identical than deal with tuning two different parts...

And some high-quality carb cleaner? Opinions on getting new gaskets? (I know to remove the rubber before using a cleaner)



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It's best to use original Yamaha float needle and seat assemblies. They are a bit expensive but you're assured of quality and a perfect fit. Also, this will most likely be a one time deal, they should last for much longer than you'll have the bike ......

My dealer told me he will only use originals now. He had too many bikes returned with leaking carbs when he used the aftermarket kit needle and seat assemblies, which he had to fix on his own dime, lol.
Yes, I re-use original float bowl gaskets most of the time, but if you need some new ones, shop for the K&L brand. They make a quality replacement and it's about half the price of a new original from Yamaha.