What a waste of parts.


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For over three years I've been advertising the left over parts from my 74 rebuild on Gumtree, ebay, three or four marketplaces forums and several XS650 online forums. All I've managed to sell in three plus years are a seat catch, two carbs and two alloy wheels. Rather than asking a kings ransom for them, $20-30 for things like carbs, wheels, etc.

On ebay I see these things for sale for three four times what I'm asking for them, most from America with postal charges more than the item's selling price.. Apparently people would rather pay more than I'm asking. Despite being told on this forum there is a great market for XS650 parts in Oz. So much for that.

Just got sick of them cluttering up my shop, so, I've just chucked a heap of parts left over from my 74 build: Battery box, air filter box, more BS38 carbs, rear brake backing plate, stator, rotor, recrifier, regulator, brake anchor rod, indicators, headlight bracket, plus a few other bits and pieces I can't remember at the moment. Everything in good working order., some even repainted.

So much for trying to do the right thing in saving these bikes and parts.
Ya I have a bunch of stuff around here also for Z1900's. Just started putting them on eBay at low prices. Some have moved. So has your government been trying to collect taxes on the stuff you sell on eBay. They are trying to make you pay taxes on sales of over $600 here. On stuff that you may have had laying around for years with no record of how much you paid for them. Hasn't happened yet but they are trying.
they cut the value of the money in half (double the pice) then charge capital gains on the difference.............
I know a guy with a SOIR brimming with parts.............
Cough, Those in the know check with me before ebay