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I have owned this XS650F for three years and finally took said XS for a pretty decent blast today, Hey, I've been busy...! lol

Runs great, pulls nicely, brakes are good. During the ride it stalled at a stop and was difficult to restart, quite unlike the way it has been for some time. To be fair, I have Only ever just started the engine and let it run since owning the XS. Odd in the test ride, runs mint and then that one episode.

I must say that the Yamaha XS650 Technical References here is Very extensive; however, I am in need of an actual Parts Manual for the '79 XS 650 F Standard.
I would rather not use a pdf format rather an actual book, I like to have a book in my hands to look at. I have manuals for every other motorcycle in the stable.
As a last effort I suppose I could print from a pdf...

After the heat-up ride, I pulled the drain plugs and filter, and that alone has me wanting the Parts Manual. No idea if I need sealing washers on those plugs, simple things like that.

Also, do you guys really just clean the oil filter that is in the right hand cover...? Not replace it...? The shop manual that I have says clean and reinstall.

I think I will go through the carbs, I like knowing what is going on in carbs with other cycles and as mentioned in another thread, install new seals in the fuel taps. I May jump in and fix that pesky grinding starter situation too however, until this afternoon, the kicker was doing it for starting.

Ok, sorry for the ramble, that's enough for now.


At first glance the filter system seems lame. Years and years ago Cycle or Cycle World had an extensive technical write-up on bearings and lubricants. Maybe my brain is jumbling several articles into one. Anyway, the XS650 motor is largely roller bearings and from the article, roller bearings do not need alot of oil. They roll in their races and push a wave of oil in front of each ball. The bigger the wave, the more the drag. I imagine the designers did a cost benefit analysis and decided tiny bits of aluminum (piston wear) would get rinsed away and a cam chain (or guide) failure would necessitate a tip end rebuild anyway.
I don't remember Yamaha printing a parts manual - even for dealers - past the mid '70's; all of it was on microfiche since then (subsequently computers).

Best I can offer is this website - that has converted microfiche images to PDF format: http://www.biker.net/77-79_650_parts/650D-F_parts main.html
Partzilla is a good reference and I use them frequently. However, some of their parts diagrams have numbers that don't line up with the numbers in the associated parts list. I have found that CMS (www.cmsnl.com) has more accurate parts diagrams.
Good to know. Thank you. I am a "non stock" fellow so p/n are less important than th assembly diagrams. Which part goes where?
Probably the best, for pics, and closet parts manual to your 79F. From a 78E. This loom doesn't show the 4 fuse bank that i think you have on your bike. Handy assembly manual..................good site to have a squizz at as well

PDF but mmmm. Covert to JPEG the pages needed. Biker.net is good but the quality of the PDF's are not good. For some reason all the Special's, which include the 79F, parts files are shit to put it mildly and that's pretty much all over the net.

Had to resize to post

78E Right engine cover0101 reize 2500.jpg

On the carb file, as per second pic, is how much it can blow up to, downloaded and converted to JPEG from the PDF, on my 15" screen.

78E Right engine cover0202 reize b.jpg
78E Right engine cover0202 c.jpg
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Yes, as Skull said, the '78E model is very nearly the same as the '79F. Only differences really are the seat profile and paint. I've downloaded just about every 650 manual I could find on the web and have never run across a '79F parts book.
Partzilla is a good reference and I use them frequently. However, some of their parts diagrams have numbers that don't line up with the numbers in the associated parts list. I have found that CMS (www.cmsnl.com) has more accurate parts diagrams.
Thanks for the info !!
I just took a quick look and the diagrams look much clearer and easy to read
I order a bunch of OEM parts from CMSNL (I've had some issues with Partzilla in not timely fulfilling orders). I find they have generally better prices & more in-stock inventory and ship quickly. I've found many parts listed as NLA on Partzilla in stock at CMSNL. Delivery from the Netherlands to US midwest is 3-4 days :thumbsup: Stuff usually goes from NL to Paris to Memphis on a plane and then a FedEx truck to your door
All great info, thanks.

So I need to add that the item that sent me looking for tech manual and parts manual data is that my '79 F Standard has an engine from an
'80... S/N 4M4 004426.
Not a show stopper in itself however, while looking at various sites that you folks told me about for drain plug oil seal(s)... While changing the oil I discovered that this engine has Two (2) drain plugs and I find it odd that all of the diagrams that I am finding only list one (1)

Appreciate all the information, again, the T/M listing here is great, very detailed. I am a bit of a T/M geek for the Triumphs and Moto Guzzis that I have here and thought I would find the same for the Yamahas.

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Well yes, if you want to see both drain plugs, you'll need to look at two different diagrams, lol. The "Oil Pump" diagram shows the one on the bottom of the little oil pan and the "Crankcase" diagram shows the other, the rear plug going into the crankcase itself. Compare the part numbers and you'll see they are the same.