compression testing

  1. A

    unknown engine, what to check? help please (comp test)

    hey folks, starting a new build and i've got two engine's in my possession one is seized that i've been working on freeing it up all this week with no luck as of yet (been sitting for approx 8 years with no carbs/exhausts or anything covering the holes o_O ) at this stage ill probably just pull...
  2. weekendrider

    Compression numbers

    Cold motor, nothing removed or propped open. Nothing added (like squirting oil in the top) but a test plug to keep from frying things. Electric start to turn it over. Left side, Right side, That's almost a thirty % difference? And these readings are quite a bit different than the readings 6...
  3. H

    81' xs650, no compression, any ideas?

    I just purchased an 81' 650 that ran a few years ago according to the previous owner that has been sitting. I have been going through the motor to see if it does work. I am now at the point of compression testing and I am not getting a reading at all.:wtf: There seems to be a lot of air...
  4. I

    Bike wont start?, Running rough?

    Bike wont start?, Running rough? First: What have you just done? What have you changed? Has anything odd or different happened? Any new strange noises? Just bought it? Heard it running? Riden it? Been sitting? - just bought it, well, don’t believe anything the PO has told you, ignore it -...