connecting rod

  1. Toro

    Connecting rods / engine rebuild

    I’m in the slow but sure process of rebuilding my 1972 XS2 and I’m looking for any advice or experienced knowledge about where to source new connecting rods for this rebuild. The ones on there are toast and I can easily find the 447 type, but finding ones for a 1972 has been a little difficult...
  2. Toro

    Splitting the cases

    I’m posting this in hopes to get some guidance on the matter at hand. I’ve disassembled the whole top end and am slowly getting to everything (boring and installing oversize pistons, checking head and valves for spec/lapping, new cam chain etc etc). The whole shebang. Anyways, while I have it...
  3. Punkskalar

    Long Rod Conversion? I think so!

    * For high resolution photos and details - this same post is on the Blog - I've been wanting to build one of these for a good long while. I have a customer in the UK who has contacted me to build him a Long...