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I’m in the slow but sure process of rebuilding my 1972 XS2 and I’m looking for any advice or experienced knowledge about where to source new connecting rods for this rebuild. The ones on there are toast and I can easily find the 447 type, but finding ones for a 1972 has been a little difficult. Do I go with the 447 and pistons to match? I already have to rebore the cylinders, but is that a possibility? What have any of you done at this stage? Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
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I'm not an engine expert, but I'm aware that owners with 70-73 engines like to keep the 256 crank, which is hotter (better/faster) than the 447 crank.
I have one listed on eBay. I'll PM you the link, and I'll give you a discount if you buy from me directly.
Back in 2009 I needed a new crank for my 72. Problem with my cranks (2) it had loose weights which came loose and locked the engine. Back then I did find new 256 connecting rods so I had Falicon ( no longer in business) rebuild a 447 crank which does not have any of those weights. I used 256 rods and pistons because I wanted to keep the feel of the 72. However the 447 runs a different center sprocket. I wanted to keep the 72 cam so I used a megacycle adjustable cam for a 447 engine but had it pressed on the 256 cam. The rods are hard to find now so the best you could do is keep checking eBay for 256 rods or use a 447 crank/rods/pistons and keep the 72 cam with a 447 sprocket pressed on to it.