dirt tracker

  1. R

    Wanted - XS650 Missouri

    Looking for a bike in the Missouri area. Would like to build street tracker. Would prefer to build but would definitely look at finished bikes as well Thanks in advance
  2. 73novaguy

    Its not a XS, but this R1 dirt tracker is bad!!!

    I know its not a XS, but it IS a Yamaha and a dirt track style of bike, I'm not to sure how much fun it would be with an unreal power to weight ratio. 160HP and 380lbs sounds like it spells HOSPITAL. Anyways, here is the link. They say the new R1 has a different crank rotation and it sounds...
  3. XS650RR

    Let's See The XS's

    Ok boys show the goods .... You have all seen mine, but I'll start off the thread .....:thumbsup: